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Jim Wagner

Green Light For Siebel-Oracle Merger

UPDATED: The European Commission doesn't find any antitrust issues lurking behind Oracle's $5.85 billion bid.

English-Version Microsoft CRM 3.0 to Arrive Early

Microsoft is giving its English-speaking customers a jump on the software before the rest of the world; Dynamics CRM 3.0 went gold earlier this week.

Oracle + Siebel = CRM Consolidation

Oracle's $5.85 billion bid stirs another debate over best-of-breed vs. integrated suite in software deployment.

Siebel Adds SUSE Support

The CRM developer ties its business applications with Novell enterprise operating system.

Microsoft Previews Upcoming CRM

Customer Relationship Management package adding subscription packages for hosted versions.

A Salesforce On-Demand OS?

The software-as-a-service vendor launches its 'operating system' to the world, one of several new offerings in Summer '05 suite.

Siebel: 'We Can Do Better'

Partners and competitors circle the field, as Siebel's new leadership promises a bright future.

Siebel Launches 7th OnDemand Installment

Officials say their commitment to hosted CRM is strong with latest OnDemand release.

Active Advisor Makes Sales Reps Smarter

A new handheld device gives retail representatives the expertise to make any number of recommendations to customers.

Siebel Updates Hosted CRM Software

Eager to help what it calls underserved SMBs, Siebel adds industry-specific CRM editions to CRM OnDemand 6.

Siebel Updates Hosted CRM Software

UPDATED: The CRM vendor is tackling the verticals with OnDemand software catering to industry-specific markets.

Siebel Infuses SMBs with CRM

UPDATED: The company's partner program aims to fill in customer relationship management holes that other vendors aren't.

Biz Apps Boost BlackBerry

Developers Sybase and PeopleSoft are cramming more functionality into the popular little handhelds.

Nimish Mehta, Group Vice President, Siebel

This executive's challenge is convincing customers that Siebel is an integrator, not just a CRM specialist.

Oracle Comes Full Circle in Enterprise

With the announcement of its customer data hub, the company is acting a lot like a database company again.

Salesforce.com, Nextel Blast CRM into the Air

If most field sales folks use wireless e-mail devices, why not add CRM on their hip?

Siebel Takes Telephones Out of the Call Center

With the announced purchase of Ineto Services, the CRM On Demand provider gives small businesses the choice between a hosted or in-house service.

CA Jettisons Small Business Application Division

A sign of the times for IT software: With the sale of its ACCPAC subsidiary, Computer Associates is training its resources on enterprise management platforms.

Microsoft CRM 1.2 Targets Other MS Apps

Microsoft, with the popularity it enjoys through the Office product line, has become one of several U.S. software companies who are positioned to capture a significant share of the SMB market.

Oracle, PeopleSoft Slide on Fate of Takeover

UPDATE: Shares in both companies took a dip Tuesday as investors pondered whether Oracle may actually withdraw its PeopleSoft acquisition plans.

Siebel Makes Smarter Easier

More control, more functions, more compatibility, more ease sum up the company's latest iteration of business intelligence software.

A Dose of Web App RealiTea

It's all science for the new Web analytic from TeaLeaf Technology, which pinpoints user breakdowns at the source.

PeopleSoft Showcases New Tools, Integration Plans

Eager to draw attention away from Oracle's highly-publicized takeover attempt, the company shows off its joint J.D. Edwards/PeopleSoft suite, EnterpriseOne.

Siemens, Synopsys Join NetWeaver Web

SAP launched its 8th annual TechEd conference Tuesday with the announcement of two big-name additions to its integration software.

Verizon Connects With Consumer Home Networking

A couple weeks after rolling out a router offering for businesses, the Bell is making the same push for consumers.

Bluelight Special On E-mail

Looking more and more like a conventional ISP every day, K Mart's Internet division is reaping the benefit of its parent company's marketing arm and finances.

BroadVision Narrowing Its Focus

The international company based in California is cutting jobs and revamping its business operations after announcing its revenues dropped by 2/3 over the year.

IBM Flies Through United Upgrade

As only one of a very few companies offering services for terrabyte-sized databases, Big Blue's global services division is proving it's up to the challenge.

Citigroup Gets A Passport

The deal is a compromise for Microsoft, but the returns could be oh-so-sweet.

Microsoft Owes Customers for Botched MSN Accounts

Microsoft Corp. has agreed to refund customers seeking to stop their MSN Internet access accounts and $100,000 in civil penalties, according to the Orange County District Attorney office Tuesday evening.

Some Cable Customers Left In the Dark

Despite actions by many of the nation's top cable providers, some consumer's aren't getting word of the many changes affecting the industry -- word that affects who their provider is and if they will even have one down the road.

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