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Joe Stanganelli

The Red Herring of Marketing's 'Digital Transformation'

According to speakers at ITSMA Marketing Vision 2016, "digital marketing" is just marketing in sheep's clothing.  

Is Data Governance the CDO's Responsibility?

Chief data officers and other experts offered differing viewpoints on the CDO's relationship to data governance at a recent CDO event.

Chief Data Officer Role Continues to Evolve

Chief data officers (CDOs) have come a long way, baby, say CDOs and other experts speaking at the recent MIT CDOIQ Symposium.

Mobile Apps and the FDA: What You Need to Know

The impetus is on enterprises to know how and to what extent the FDA may regulate mobile medical apps.

IoT Driving New Business Models

The Internet of Things is not a futuristic concept. IoT is already driving new business solutions, as seen in three examples from the Connected Cloud Summit.

3 Tips for Tackling Big Data Collaboration

The health and life sciences sector relies heavily on Big Data and collaboration. Here practitioners offer three tips on managing collaborative efforts.

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