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Joshua Greenbaum

The Year of CRM, With a Twist

Even as activity explodes around customer relationship management, our Enterprise Advisor says the CRM acronym has become meaningless.

SAP Strikes Back

Scarcely four months after IBM took a swing at SAP by buying Trigo, SAP has swung back by acquiring Trigo competitor A2i. Enterprise Advisor Josh Greenbaum analyzes the shifting battle lines.

Does Siebel Matter Anymore?

Siebel Systems drastically needs a major rethinking of its core business strategy, argues Enterprise Advisor columnist Josh Greenbaum.

PeopleSoft's Latest Gambits Make Sense, Unfortunately

If PeopleSoft can flesh out its new Total Ownership Experience initiative and ship its products with pre-built integration, the company may really be on to something, says Datamation's Enterprise Advisor columnist.

Tom Siebel Hates Me (And Anyone Else Asking The Tough Questions)

Siebel Systems is, without a doubt, the most closed-off, inaccessible, information-hostile public company in the software industry. Which makes Tom Seibel's claims of extraordinary customer satisfaction hard to swallow.

Microsoft's New CRM Software Just The Beginning

The word out of Redmond is that its pending CRM software won't compete in the enterprise market, but this columnist says it is inevitable Microsoft/Great Plains will one day take on the Siebels of the world.

J.D. Edwards: Back to the Present?

After a couple of death-watch quarters, new management and new markets are making things look a whole lot better than they have in a long time.

SAP Sizzles, Siebel Fizzles

The current respective fortunes of Siebel and SAP speak volumes about what succeeds, and fails, in enterprise software. In both cases, it's all about the installed base of customers. For Siebel, the installed base is cause for concern. For SAP, it's the source of salvation.

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