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Michael Hickins

Oracle to SAP: Don't Erase The Evidence

UPDATED: Oracle wants to ensure that SAP preserves evidence that it participated in "massive" theft.

Salesforce, Adobe Together at Last

The SaaS vendor and the desktop software vendor mash their tool kits together.

SAP's Chief Software Architect Calls it Quits

Better green than seen for the presumed successor to the CEO?

SAP Could be 'In a World of Trouble'

Analysis: Oracle's suit might be as much an attempt to damage SAP's reputation as to seriously dent its pocketbook.

Salesforce to Offer Wall Street Support

UPDATED: Salesforce.com will offer a new wealth management tool and announce its Merrill Lynch win.

At The Salesforce Apex of SaaS

Salesforce.com is rounding out its ecosystem of ancillary applications with a new platform and development code.

An iTunes Store For Business Apps?

Salesforce.com uses AppExchange as an ecosystem for the SaaS model it champions. Now partners are being offered new ways to pay for it.

Salesforce.com Grows Up

The on-demand applications vendor is learning to play outside its own sandbox.

Microsoft Previews Products For 2007

UPDATED: While the world awaits Vista, Microsoft toasts the arrival of 2007 products at shows around the world.

NetSuite 'Flexing' Platform Muscles

The on-demand ERP software maker introduces a new application development platform and tools to stimulate market growth.

Xactly CEO Chris Cabrera on Salesforce Compensation

The SaaS evangelist explains why salesforce compensation will be the next big application to ride the on-demand wave.

Apex Gives SAP a Case of Vertigo

The leading on-premise enterprise software vendor is trying to cut Salesforce.com down to size.

SAP Pushes Compliance as Strategy

The vendor suggests that governance, risk and compliance management can become more of a strategic asset than simply a burdensome cost.

Salesforce: More Than Just a Pretty SaaS

Salesforce.com establishes new benchmarks and shows new revenue streams.

A Sales View of The Inside

Salesforce.com offers companies a way to manage their partners as efficiently as they manage their sales force.

Salesforce Serves Notice

The on-demand CRM leader caters to its ecosystem a week after SAP does the same for NetWeaver.

SAP Looks to Lure ISVs

SAP wants more independent software vendors to build applications on NetWeaver, and it's will to help pay for it.

SAP and Oracle Go Another Round

SAP hit first on the eve of its annual user conference, and Oracle threw a haymaker of its own.

A Wireless Spring in Salesforce.com's Step

The on-demand CRM leader's acquisition of Sendia is a stepping-stone to broader wireless application adoption.

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