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Business Intelligence: November 2010

Business Intelligence (BI), analytics, and data mining software and solutions. - Archive for November 2010

A Little Forethought Makes a Lot of Difference in Business Intelligence Projects

With all of the advances in business intelligence and data analysis, a significant number of business decisions aren't based on data.

PMML Makes Predictive Analytics and Data Mining Easier

PMML has become the de facto standard for predictive analytics by making it easier to deploy and share analytics models.

Business Intelligence Drives Demand for IT Jobs

The demand for Business intelligence was one of seberal key drivers for IT jobs demand last month.

Open Source Business Intelligence: What Are Your Options?

From focused BI tools to full product suites, we give you an overview of the open source business intelligence market.

Data Mining Could Help Insurers Predict Longevity

A new predictive modeling system expands the use of traditional consumer-marketing data.

SAS Sees Risks and Growth Potential in Asia

SAS highlights Asia as the fastest-growing region

Empowering Employees to Leverage Business Intelligence

Consider the tools and capabilities one need to become an effective and efficient BI HERO.

Analytics Changes the CIO Role

CIOs who have begun to embrace analytics have lots of choices to this new field.

Is Apple's iPad Changing CRM and Business Intelligence?

Some big-name companies, like MicroStrategy and SAP, are betting that the answer is 'yes.'

Boston Celtics Chooses VMS Media Intelligence

The NBA team has chosen VMS for its media monitoring needs.

Ten Benefits of Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence software benefits companies in many ways, 10 of which are detailed here.

Mobile BI on the Galaxy Tab

Apple's iPad isn't the only mobile BI player in town. Samsung's Galaxy Tab looks to provide the tablet with a worthy rival.

Microsoft: New Business Intelligence Features in Dynamics GP 2010 R2

The software giant begins talking up the next version of Microsoft's Dynamics GP product, even though the last update was just seven months …

Gravity Announces Ambitious Advertising Concepts

Gravity claims to know what you like and what you want better than any search engine.

Putting Modern Business Intelligence to Work

Company uses the valuable free data Microsoft and Google float out on the Internet.

Open Source Data Mining Software Considerations

Evaluate open source software as you would any software -- don’t choose it only because it is open source.

Panorama Supports Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse

Panorama users can natively connect to Parallel Data Warehouse and perform analysis on large enterprise data sets.

Pentaho Launches Enterprise Data Services Suite

Pentaho announced a new data services platform that is designed to streamline and simplify the complicated and costly process of accessing, …

Webtrends Adds Online Behavior Data to Salesforce CRM

Webtrends is adding online behavioral data to Salesforce.com's CRM system.

Business Intelligence Software Defined

Business intelligence is a catch-all phrase as it does not refer to one single type of analysis or data, but rather it represents a variety …