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Business Analyst, IT Must Be Buddies for Effective Business Intelligence : Page 2

By Wayne Kernochan     Feedback
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The Business Intelligence Bottom Line

The problem of coordinating multiple agile processes in multiple areas is a happy one, and one that will increasingly arise as business agility arrives in more and more segments of the organization. IT should realize that they typically are the pioneers of agile, and therefore they should be proactive in anticipating the stray arrows from widening its use to other business functions. 

This means, specifically, raising the question of how IT can best coordinate with other agile processes, whether by the “dual end user” approach or some other.  It also means IT should lead the way in setting up an agile process for coordinating multiple-function agile processes and collaborating with those agile processes that arise on the business side. And it means, yes, that the business analyst and business intelligence developer should be friends – or at least effective collaborators.

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As noted, the immediate benefits of such an approach should be to increase, if not double, the business value from each agile process operating separately. In the long term, the organization will figure out a way to develop business agility from the bottom up, function by function, which will be absolutely necessary for creating an organization of loosely coupled agile processes that in all likelihood will offer the right formula for true business agility.

Analytics and software development are leading the way in business agility. That the two are now coming into conflict is a symptom of success, not failure.  But that doesn’t mean business intelligence can’t do much better. Efforts like the “dual end user” approach should be viewed as strategic and be pursued (with appropriate investigation of vendor tools and use of consultants) now rather than later.

This article was originally published on January 19, 2012
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