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Information Builders and Teradata Combine Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse

By Vangie Beal     Feedback

The new Rapid Warehousing solution combines data integration, Teradata Data warehouse appliances and business intelligence software.

Business intelligence (BI) solution provider Information Builders has partnered with Teradata (NYSE: TDC) to offer a new data warehousing solution as part of the Teradata Accelerate program.

Built on a Teradata data warehouse appliance, the new offering leverages Information Builders software to load and query the data. In a public statement, Information Builders said its new solution is designed to speed up the time to value and return on investment for companies building a data warehouse.

"Organizations building their first data warehouse will value the speed, simplicity and affordability of this joint Teradata and Information Builders solution," Ed White, general manager of Teradata Appliances, said in a statement. "Everything they need to get up and running is integrated, including data integration tools, hardware, Teradata Database, storage and business intelligence, all from two of the industry's pioneers."

Using the Teradata Accelerate program, customers will be able to leverage Teradata appliances and Information Builders' business intelligence capabilities to improve decision making across the enterprise.

The offering comprises Information Builder's WebFOCUS business intelligence software, enabling departmental users to easily build dashboards of reports and graphs. It also includes the company's unique Active Technology for direct analysis of the data, and Data Migrator for extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) of data into any Teradata platform, including the Teradata Data Mart Appliance, Extreme Data Appliance, Data Warehouse Appliance or Active Enterprise Data Warehouse.

Ace Hardware, a large retailer-owned cooperative in the hardware industry with 4,600 stores, recently standardized on Information Builders' WebFOCUS BI platform for enterprise reporting, analysis and delivery. Ace Hardware also works with Teradata for its data warehouse initiatives.

Tim Brynda, a software engineering analyst at Ace who is spearheading many of Ace's current BI efforts, said, "By partnering with Teradata, companies like us will be able to quickly and easily leverage the power of the Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse and Information Builders' business intelligence capabilities to improve decision making across an enterprise."

The Information Builders Accelerate for Rapid Warehousing package can be tested on-site with a customer's data using the Teradata Test Drive program. It is delivered as an integrated ready-to-run data warehouse appliance, so customers can load their own data and start answering business questions. Pricing for the solution starts at under $550,000.

This article was originally published on May 9, 2011
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