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Business Intelligence in the Cloud

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Cloud-based business Intelligence makes BI accessible to general business users via monthly plans.

Cloud-based business Intelligence makes BI services accessible to general businesses; and integrated solutions let you get started in minutes. According to this GigaOM report, cloud-based solutions are in the process of disrupting this multibillion-dollar market with its high barriers to entry and expensive software licensing.

"GoodData, whose on-demand model allows users to get started in minutes, provides integrated solutions to salesforce.com and NetSuite, among others. One recent customer case study from Gazelle, a buyer and reseller of used electronics, highlighted how it was able to configure data from a range of sources — from Google Analytics and Adwords to internal operations software to e-commerce partners — using GoodData APIs and no additional middleware."

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This article was originally published on May 17, 2010
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