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Build Your Own Business Intelligence Platform with SQL

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With SQL Server you can build a business intelligence (BI) platform on a tight budget.

Even with limited resources, you can still build a a business intelligence (BI) platform that is fully functional. This Redmond Mag article by Andrew Peterson offers a guide to starting a skunk works BI project using the SQL Server Business Intelligence Toolkit.

"But wait: Data warehouses are big-ticket enterprise initiatives, right? And don't they all require high levels of scalability? It's true that the reviewers often focus on data-warehouse tools in terms of scalability, and for large, enterprise-class data warehouses, that's critical. But with all of the discussion focused on the enterprise, the notion that a department might need -- yet alone benefit from -- BI has mostly gone away. The irony of this is that many, perhaps most, operational decisions are made at the divisional or departmental level using department-specific information that would never be included in an enterprise-wide data warehouse."

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This article was originally published on June 30, 2010
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