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Business Intelligence Start-Ups Create Solutions for All Users

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New business intelligence (BI) solutions offer access to data that individuals and small businesses can use. IT Professionals not required.

Companies currently dominating the business Intelligence market offer feature-rich products that are designed for IT professionals and analysts to use. According to this report on WSJ Blogs, the entry level barrier is changing as a few start-ups in the business intelligence market develop business intelligence products that are designed for individuals and small businesses.

"Business intelligence companies like Cognos Corp., Business Objects SA and Hyperion Inc. built multi-billion dollar businesses by helping corporations sort through, organize and make sense of data that's stored in disparate systems. But those feature-rich products were built for IT professionals and specially trained analysts.

"Though many large corporations have a business intelligence system in place, this product, and the infrastructure costs and consulting fees that come with them, are beyond the budget of most medium-sized businesses or individual departments. Even for managers who have access to one of these systems, if they want data beyond regular reports, they need to work with the IT department on a custom query, which takes time and money to generate."

Read the Full Story at WSJ Blogs

This article was originally published on September 29, 2010
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