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SAS Analytics Eases Health Care Reform

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Health care providers can comply with the US health care bill by using SAS Analytics.

According to a recent SAS news release, University of Louisville researchers are uncovering better ways for insurers and health care providers to comply with the US health care bill President Obama signed into law. According to the company, they are using SAS Analytics to analyze structured, quantitative data and unstructured, textual information from medical records and health care claims.

"Knowledge gleaned from data and text mining can assist in claims negotiations between insurers and health care providers. Related research also defines optimal treatment plans that both improve quality of care and reduce costs – insights that health care consumers welcome.

"Outdated information management strategies and invalid statistics cause serious problems in investigating health outcomes and negotiating reimbursements. Predictive modeling, however, goes beyond standard regression techniques, expanding advanced analytical options for better, faster decision making. Predictive models use a variety of tools to deliver more accurate, long-range views of treatments and costs."

Read the Full News Release at Business Wire

This article was originally published on September 29, 2010
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