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Business Intelligence Needs Solid Management Practices

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Agile is a hot software topic and is now the buzz in business intelligence.

Mobile business intelligence and cloud apps aren't that important to meet changing business needs, as noted by recent Information Week research. This article goes on to discuss the topic of solid information management practices and agile business intelligence software -- considered to be what business leaders desperately want from IT.

"You can see the need for agility in some of the most powerful trends shaping BI. The demand for quick access to new insights has spurred development of fast what-if planning tools and in-memory analysis capabilities. It has fueled interest in predictive analytics to get out ahead of emerging demand and risk. You might think mobile delivery, cloud computing, and Google-style querying also would figure heavily in the agility story, but our annual InformationWeek Analytics Business Intelligence and Information Management Survey shows that those are still emerging ideas, far short of widespread implementation."

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This article was originally published on November 9, 2010
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