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SPSS Enhances Data Mining App

By Robyn Greenspan     Feedback

The Chicago-based CRM provider unleashes Clementine 6.5 -- a new and improved, enterprise-strength, interactive data mining workbench.

Chicago-based SPSS Inc. has released the newest version of its data mining software -- Clementine 6.5, which includes a new Clementine Application Template (CAT) that was specifically developed for CRM.

"Organizations are now coming to realize what many market analysts have been saying for some time: advanced analytics are imperative to the success of CRM applications. Clementine's CRM CAT makes it incredibly easy to add this analytical power," said Peter Caron, SPSS BI senior marketing manager. SPSS BI is a division of SPSS Inc.

Clementine's enterprise-strength interactive data mining workbench incorporates an organization's valuable business expertise at every step to create predictive models that address specific business issues, while improving profitability of customer relationships through an in-depth understanding of data. The application maximizes sales by identifying cross-selling opportunities thereby increasing customer retention, as well as identifying patterns that indicate attrition. Clementine is used in a wide range of industries including e-commerce, telecommunications, finance, retail, health care, government and higher education.

CATs are complete, pre-built project outlines tailored to specific data mining applications that can produce significant, valuable results right out of the box. The new CAT will help users get a jump-start on data mining projects for CRM, and focuses on increasing lifetime customer value, reducing customer turnover and predicting promotional response rates. Clementine 6.5 also includes CATs for analysis of Web site data to improve site efficiency and analysis of customer data in the telecommunications industry.

"The CAT, in effect, provides a detailed roadmap that organizations can follow to get their CRM data mining projects off the ground faster, make fewer errors along the way and achieve better results in less time. The introduction of the CRM CAT also serves as a sign to prospective users that we are committed to ensuring that Clementine remains an indispensable tool for the continuously growing CRM market," Caron said.

In addition to the enhanced Web mining CAT, Clementine 6.5 also provides improved functionality with a new sequence algorithm that detects patterns in time-ordered data and makes sequential predictions, enabling users to analyze information such as clickstream data from Web sites; operation reordering that results in improved performance and reduced network traffic; and a mouse-driven expression builder that boosts productivity and reduces errors.

SPSS Inc. delivers CRM and business intelligence solutions that integrate and analyze marketing, customer and operational data in key vertical markets.

This article was originally published on December 27, 2001
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