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Cleartop In Partnerships With Small Business Service Providers

By eCRMGuide.com Staff     Feedback

The customer service solution provider teams with GotMarketing.com, NetLedger, Rackspace and TeleBright.

LOS ANGELES--Cleartop, a company that offers an online customer communications solution for small to mid-sized businesses, has announced partnerships with small business service providers GotMarketing.com, NetLedger, Rackspace and TeleBright.

Cleartop says the partnerships will give their customers access to "best of breed" services in critical business areas as well as an established distribution channel for their customer service solution for small to mid-sized businesses.

"These partnerships reflect Cleartop's goal to provide high quality and affordable services to thousands of small businesses in the market today," said Thatcher Wine, CEO and founder of Cleartop. "Customer service is one, but not the only, service that is critical to the success of all businesses. Giving our customers access to the services that GotMarketing.com, NetLedger, Rackspace and TeleBright provide will help ensure an organization is operated smoothly and efficiently."

Cleartop says the partnerships will be mutually beneficial. They will now be a recommended CRM solution to the new partners' customers. Conversely, Cleartop will recommend the services of its new partners.

"Our agreement with Cleartop expands our reach to a much larger customer base and it is gratifying to join a powerful cooperative of high quality service providers that is reaching small and mid-sized businesses at single entry points," said Jodi Maxson, vice president of business development for NetLedger, Inc. "This will allow businesses to meet several of their online needs efficiently and effectively."

NetLedger turns companies' accounting systems into e-business tools. GotMarketing.com provides self-serve eMarketing tools for fast-growing organizations. Rackspace Managed Hosting is a provider of Advanced Hosting services. TeleBright is a neutral site for comparing and purchasing telecommunications services.

This article was originally published on December 20, 2000
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