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Webcare 3.0 Released

By eCRMGuide.com Staff     Feedback

New version of INSolutions Limited's wireless CRM product hopes to bring the technology into the 21st century.

"Despite all the advances in the wireless technology itself, the way we typically service and manage customers is still stuck in the stone age by comparison," said Simon Williams, president and CEO of INSolutions.

Wireless software provider, INSolutions Limited, has released Webcare 3.0 - an end-to-end wireless CRM product designed to enhance service and promote interoperability.

"INSolutions has fundamentally reinvented the way wireless customer accounts are managed from the moment someone signs up for service throughout the entire customer lifecycle," said Williams. "As customers become more demanding and next generation services further complicate customer care, Webcare enables a higher level of customer satisfaction to be achieved while bringing other tangible benefits to operators such as driving down operating and training costs, and increasing sales productivity."

Some of Webcare 3.09s expanded features include:

  • Quick implementation, flexibility and advanced interoperability with other business systems as well as the enhanced ability to exchange information at any point during the workflow.
  • The complete range of customer account activities as well as a unified product catalogue and automated contact tracking.
  • Extensive wireless CRM and customer service capabilities, from customer self-activations and self-care to online bill viewing and payment.
  • An intuitive user interface and business logic engine that masks the complexities of providing wireless services and customer service, either through a traditional call center or via customer self-care.

    To meet the needs of operators, Williams said it was critical to develop industry-specific, packaged software that could quickly and easily be configured into an existing architecture to leverage investments already made in business systems rather than undertake costly software development projects that provide inflexible solutions as business practices change.

    "As next generation services are deployed the complexities of providing customer care and maintaining customer loyalty are going to become even more critical than they are today, and generic CRM solutions that take 2-3 years to implement just cannot react fast enough in the dynamic, exciting wireless industry," said Derrick Farley, vice president of global sales and marketing.

    INSolutions' Webcare product is already being used by wireless operators, including Orange SA subsidiaries, Orange Caraibe and Orange Dominicana. Webcare 3.0 will be formally introduced and demonstrated at the 3GSM World Congress 2002, February 19-22 in Cannes, France.

    This article was originally published on February 4, 2002
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