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CRM: July 2003

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales force automation software and solutions. - Archive for July 2003

UpShot Adds a Dashboard, Notes Integration

The Web-based CRM software provider takes aim at Fortune 1000 companies by adding a dashboard view for C-level and sales exeucutives and …

Siebel Systems Airs 2Q Struggles, Restructures

As the enterprise applications market roils in turmoil, Siebel Systems restructures, cuts 490 jobs and moves some operations overseas.

Moderate, Steady CRM Growth Through 2006

Despite increases in CRM spending, customer service in the government sector could stand improvement.

PeopleSoft Beats Estimates in Early 2Q Results

UPDATE: Embroiled in a fight to stave off Oracle's unwanted advances, PeopleSoft says early second quarter results exceed expectations …

Oracle Postpones PeopleSoft Lawsuit

The company maintains its fight to remove its rival's 'poison pill' but delays a legal hearing after a second request for anti-trust …