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CRM: June 2010

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales force automation software and solutions. - Archive for June 2010

Gartner Highlights the Past, Present and Future of CRM

The clear message from Gartner analyst Ed Thompson: change is happening fast.

Scribe Launches Scribe Insight 7.0 Software

New multiple target connections enables sales order data to be passed from CRM to ERP and also updated in both systems in a single …

CRM Choices From Proprietary to Open-Source

Extreme CRM Makeover details a company's CRM solution from initial matching of requirements through to implementation.

Microsoft and Salesforce.com Duel Over Patents

Microsoft and Salesforce.com are dueling in US courts. Each are accusing the other of violating patented technology.

Salesforce Suit Clouds Microsoft's Patent Attack

It looks like it's going to be tit-for-tat between CRM software leader Salesforce.com and Microsoft as the legal confrontation between the …

Intelestream Offers CRM Application Free Trial

The company has announced a 30-day free trial of intelecrm, its on demand CRM solution for small and medium sized businesses.

CDC Launches Social CRM 6.0

CDC Pivotal Social CRM 6.0 offers integration with social media sites to better identify leads and gather sales intelligence.

Salesforce.com Launches Chatter

Salesforce.com has launched its application, claiming it heralds the launch of Cloud 2.0.

Sage CRM v7.0 Now Available For SMBs

Sage's Customer Relationship Management introduces an interactive dashboard and new user navigation.

Sage CRM v7.0 Now Available For SMBs

Sage's Customer Relationship Management introduces an interactive dashboard and new user navigation.

Online CRM Leader Launches Chatter Social Networking for Its Cloud Services

If you've used Facebook updates, Chatter will look very familiar. How much can it help your business?

SAP Could Lose More CRM Software Market Share

CRM Software competitors Salesforce.com, Oracle, and Microsoft are expected to gain share at SAP’s expense.

PBworks Announces Collaborative CRM

PBworks Customer Relationship Edition extends CRM solutions such as Salesforce.com.

Callidus Automates Sales Performance

The company's sales performance management (SPM) suite helps identify changes required in business strategies.

The Customer Experience Equation

CRM plays a critical role in defining customer relationships, but so does business intelligence and marketing.

MTSI Offers CRM OnDemand for Hi-Tech Companies

CRM OnDEMAND Accelerate is powered by Oracle and bundles hardware and software product for high technology companies.

New CRM and Sales Automation Software Market Analysis

A new customer relationship management (CRM) and sales automation software market report looks at growth and segmentation over the period …

EDS Settles Botched CRM Project Lawsuit

EDS has agreed to pay $460 million to settle a lawsuit by U.K.-based British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC.

Ecommerce Customer Loyalty Programs for SMBs

A loyalty rewards program can help your ecommerce business acquire, engage and retain new customers.

Choosing Between CRM Cloud, On-Premise, or Hybrid Solutions

Companies considering customer relationship management (CRM) technology have to decide what type of cloud is best suited to their business.