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Scribe Launches Scribe Insight 7.0 Software

By EnterpriseAppsToday.com Staff     Feedback

New multiple target connections enables sales order data to be passed from CRM to ERP and also updated in both systems in a single operation.

Scribe Software, a leading data integration and migration solution provider of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.com has announced the release of Scribe Insight version 7.0. According to the company in its news release on PR Web, Insight 7.0 is a major release for Scribe that adds a number of significant pieces of functionality focused on improved productivity; greater flexibility; streamlined maintainability; and simplified cloud connectivity.

"Scribe Insight has always been based on a very simple concept - Moving data from a SOURCE to a single TARGET. Scribe Insight 7.0's new Multi-Target capability allows users to design integrations which include 'steps' that can operate on multiple target data sources or applications. By breaking the current source/target paradigm Scribe users are able to develop sophisticated integrations much more simply and quickly than before.

"With the new paradigm of multiple target connections in Scribe Insight 7.0 operations that were challenging, if not impossible, previously can now be accomplished simply. For example, with a Sales Order integration between CRM and ERP systems Sales Order data can be passed from CRM to ERP and then the ERP-assigned order number can be immediately updated back into the CRM system in a single operation."

Read the Full News Release at PR Web

This article was originally published on June 30, 2010
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