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RedCritter Releases Outlook CRM App

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The application retrieves CRM information from the Highrise service and displays it directly within Outlook.

RedCritter has announced the release of its Highrise App for Microsoft Outlook 2007 or later. Highrise is a web-based CRM service that can pull information from around the Web or across a company Intranet. In the company's news release, it said the new application intelligently retrieves important CRM information from the Highrise service as it relates to users’ activities and displays it directly within Outlook.

"The Highrise App displays key information answering common questions such as... Who is this person? When did we last speak? What is the next step? Who else within my company has been working with this person? These types of questions typically require sales and marketing staff to exit Outlook and manually search their CRM system for related information. Now with the Highrise App for RedCritter the answers to these types of questions are automatic and instantaneous."

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This article was originally published on May 7, 2010
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