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How the Social CRM Process Works

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A visual walk-through guide of a potential social CRM process.

Every organization will have a different process model, but this article on Search Engine Watch can help you to visualize what something could look like and to help you understand what social CRM encompasses. As mentioned in the article, the social CRM process begins when the community provides some sort of feedback or engages with the brand.

"CRM System: Regardless of where the feedback comes from, it must be fed through a CRM system. This allows the person who will respond to the customer to see the customer history, transaction records, personal preferences, or any other type of relevant customer data (something that lacks in most social media campaigns).

"Send the Feedback to the Right Person: Once the feedback is received and put into a CRM system that system then automatically routes the feedback to the right person in the right department. Attensity for example is already able to do much of this through traditional channels."

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This article was originally published on September 17, 2010
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