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Tall Emu Offers Total Enterprise CRM Solution

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The company claims its new CRM system give businesses the chance to better utilize staff talents.

In a recent news release, Tall Emu announced its new off-the-shelf Total Enterprise CRM solution. As noted by the company, Total Enterprise CRM can be customized to integrate with existing accounting systems, email, shopping carts, warehouse ordering, PayPal, eWay and other credit card gateways and even social media.

"Total Enterprise CRM takes several steps in data management and communication processes and automates them so, for example, orders can be placed, communicated and dispatched with the push of one button. Compare 15 seconds with what would once have been a task for several people to complete. How much more efficient will the business be?

"Tall Emu CEO Mike Nash said the Total Enterprise CRM system automated tracking, synchronizing and linking between various programs allows businesses to get on with developing, building and maintaining customer relationships."

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This article was originally published on November 3, 2010
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