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Cloud-based CRM Systems Requires Planning

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Tips to create a plan for your cloud-based CRM system.

A common problem seen today is that consultants may feel empowered to set up cloud-based CRM systems without a plan or even a model for proper system execution. This IT World Canada report offers tips to avoid the pain later on.

"Too many sins of omission have been committed in the name of Agile. Agile projects may be light on documentation, but they're supposed to be heavy on domain expertise, user feedback, and -- most critically -- technical excellence. So don't let anyone make the excuse that because the project is Agile there isn't time to think through classic IT issues.

"In cloud CRM systems, some of the messiest novice errors come from a misunderstanding of the object model. Leads are confused with opportunities. Assets are confused with products. Entitlements are confused with contracts. By using these terms interchangeably, undisciplined users will end up asking for extra fields to be added in the wrong places."

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This article was originally published on February 10, 2011
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