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Invensys CRM Launches Updated Suite Of Customer Relationship Management Software

By eCRMGuide.com Staff     Feedback

The company claims CRM 4.2 will maximize sales and shorten the sales cycle.

GOLDEN, CO-- Invensys CRM, a provider of customer relationship management solutions, has announced the release of an enhanced suite of CRM applications they say will help business-to-business enterprises shorten the sales cycle and maximize results.

The company says the integrated Invensys CRM 4.2, unlike solutions that just deliver operational benefits, will ensure only correctly priced and configured orders are accepted. This, they say, will protect margin and reduce waste.

"Businesses are extremely hungry for the opportunity that CRM provides," said Bob Karulf, president and CEO of Invensys CRM. "These products allow an expensive sales force to become more productive. New sales people, in particular, can become effective more quickly with CRM."

According to Invensys, 250 customers worldwide have installed Invensys CRM solutions including EDS, Verizon and Bang & Olufsen.

The CRM product suite consists of four applications including SalesPlus, ConfigurationPlus, MarketingPlus, and CustomerInteraction. Invensys says the product is now available through the company's direct sales force, from Invensys CRM's sister unit Baan Company, and through strategic partners and value-added resellers.

This article was originally published on December 19, 2000
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