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CRM? First You Need To Have A Customer to Manage: Page 2

By Beth Cox     Feedback
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dn't handle the fact that his shipping, billing and actual addresses were all different. He couldn't complete the purchase online. Stalwart and still wanting to make the purchase, he called the prominently displayed Customer Service number. The representative informed him their order screen was the same one that was online, they were only able to do what the Web site would allow, and, further, that they didn't have authority to process his order and credit card information over the phone. Needless to say, our friend made his purchase elsewhere. Circuit City forfeited a $200 sale, and they definitely don't have a customer, simply because their system was not able to accommodate the customer's needs. They can fire...all the CRM guns they have; he won't be back."

There were other horror stories, including malfunctions at Amazon.com and delivery delays as well as the generally silly strategy in use at a number of Customer Service phone lines. It seems that when they are busy, they provide a recorded message referring you back to the Web site from which you just came!

This sort of thing mirrors my own online shopping experiences, which all too often have been less than stellar. And then I end up wondering who are all those people telling the survey folks that everything is hunky-dory with online shopping and they plan to do more, more, more.

Originally appeared at ECommerce-Guide.com.

This article was originally published on January 25, 2001
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