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CRM Buyer's Guide: Which Enterprise CRM Tool Is Right for You?: Page 2

By Drew Robb     Feedback
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CRM Buyer's Guide: Analyst View

While methodologies differ, analysts generally agree on who the enterprise players are in CRM.

"Oracle Siebel and SAP CRM still offer the most complete solutions, albeit at higher price tags," said William Band, an analyst at Forrester.

He said Oracle offers several CRM options. As well as Siebel, it has the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) CRM, PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM and Oracle CRM On Demand. Forrester also adds Sword Ciboodle, Chordiant and Pegasystems to the enterprise list (Pegasystems recently acquired Chordiant).

"Microsoft, RightNow and Salesforce get high marks for ease of use and relatively fast deployment times," said Band.

These SaaS solutions may not be full-featured, but they are gaining acceptance by large and mid-sized organizations looking for fast time-to-value and flexibility. This hasn't escaped the notice of the big boys, SAP and Oracle. SAP has been working hard to address user complains about usability, cost and lengthy implementation times, as well as improving integration, said Band. Oracle has been steering a similar course with Siebel. The user interface has been improved to make tasks simpler to execute. And Oracle CRM On Demand is the company's answer to the growing SaaS market. Forrester gives it high marks.

How about the other Oracle products? Band believes they are each good options for ERP customers. EBS CRM provides ease of integration into the rest of the Oracle EBS suite. It is also strong in field service and sales compensation management. Similarly, PeopleSoft CRM attracts companies using PeopleSoft for ERP.

"Both products offer strong capabilities across the broad footprint of most CRM functionalities, including marketing, sales, service, field service and partner channel management, but they remain less robust for customer data management and e-commerce," said Band.

The other candidates in the enterprise category include Pegasystems and Sword Ciboodle. They fare best in organizations strong in business process management (BPM) spheres such as multi-channel customer service processes that cut across functional silos. Sword Ciboodle, said Band, has pushed into the CRM market with a focus on the intersection of business process modeling, customer service and customer interaction management. Pegasystems combines customer service, BPM and templates for customer-facing processes. Its recent merger with Chordiant adds advanced decision-making tools to orchestrate multi-channel interactions to support real-time customer interaction management.


This article was originally published on October 7, 2010
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