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Manufacturer Boosts Sales with Oracle CRM and Business Intelligence: Page 2

By Drew Robb     Feedback
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Siebel a 'Huge Step Forward' for Oracle CRM

Hassman said he noticed a big shift in Oracle CRM compared to his previous experience with Oracle a decade ago.

"Oracle CRM apps took a huge step forward when they acquired Siebel," said Hassman. "They took many of the Siebel capabilities and married that flexibility into Oracle CRM."

On the integration side, he said it is a benefit that the manufacturing and financial systems use the same customer database. That way, he can see customer interaction all the way across the company.

"There is a lot more flexibility in layouts on screen and in terms of options," said Hassman.

Pella makes use of both Oracle CRM and Oracle CRM On Demand. The trade and commercial side uses CRM on Demand for interaction with builders and contractors.

"On Demand is more of a contact management system which helps us manage interaction with builders," said Hassman.

Oracle CRM is used in house for such functions as lead management. Marketing generates the leads in Oracle marketing which are then passed onto sales people and then are tracked all the way through the system. If someone calls the call center based on an ad, for instance, all actions taken on that lead are entered into the system for supervisors and sales people to monitor.

Oracle BI, on the other hand, is used primarily used for retail.

"Oracle CRM and BI give us more and better information than we ever had before in order to make the right decisions," said Hassman. "We have used it to grow our retail segment significantly."

Moving forward, Pella is upgrading to Oracle 12g. After that, IT will decide whether to use Oracle's new Fusion applications. Hassman said the company will probably implement certain modules in conjunction with the Oracle eBusiness Suite, though no specific plans have been formulated.


This article was originally published on November 4, 2010
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