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Review: Nimble Social CRM and Contact Management: Page 2

By Vangie Beal     Feedback
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The sheer amount of contact information you can bring in to Nimble is impressive. Nimble Contact provides the tools for you to manage those contacts. For each contact, you can define a tagging system, such as by service name or your own tag based on how you interact with the client. For example you can create a 'client' tag and then attach that tag to everyone who is a client to make it easier to find a contact based your business with that person.

As you find a new contact via email or social media, you import that contact, fill in any missing data about the person and tag them, and they will become a part of your live Nimble social stream.

With all your contacts and messaging systems imported and synched in Nimble, you can see all social streams and also manage and communicate with all your social contacts from within one easy-to-use Nimble interface. The more you use Nimble Contact to monitor, communicate and view the supported services, the more Nimble starts to feel like one massive inbox for all these services.

Nimble Social Relationship Manager for Teams

Expanding on its initial offering, Nimble has added team collaboration capabilities that extend Nimble's functionality across every team, department and business to build and nurture relationships.

Team capabilities enhance Nimble's solution, as any team member can check any contact and see what is pending, who is working with the contact, what has been done, and who has done it.

Team basically allows all users to see all of the conversations that have occurred with every contact and team member. You can also schedule and delegate tasks, and comment on any team activity.

The Future of Nimble Contact is Nimble CRM

In using Nimble, it is easy to see how it would work and work well for individual business owners, entrepreneurs and smaller home-based businesses — businesses where there is less "team" communication and more one-on-one contact and messaging direct with customers.

What isn't evident yet is the bigger social CRM picture where larger sales teams or an entire office could use Nimble as their only Contact Manager and CRM application to replace existing infrastructures.

Remembering that the hosted software application is only recently out in public beta, however, the current feature set and performance of the hosted application does indicate that there is promise for this to be the social contact management app for your small business — it isn't going to replace you CRM and sales force automation app just yet. That is something we'll have to wait for in future releases.

Nimble Pricing and Availability

Addressing the issue of teams, sales and CRM functionality in Nimble, Jon Ferrara, CEO and founder of Nimble, said in an interview that Nimble Contact will always be completely free to use. The company does expect to roll out additional features, including Nimble Team ($10 per user per month), Nimble Sales ($19 per user per month) and CRM ($29 per user per month) versions to complement and expand the functionality of Nimble Contact Manager for small businesses.

This article was originally published on June 24, 2011
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