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Will Business Folks, IT Admins Like Windows 8 Apps?: Page 2

By Ann All     Feedback
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While conceding that Microsoft must cover lots of ground to catch up to Android and Apple's iOS mobile development platforms, Gaddum thinks such features make Windows 8 better suited to enterprise deployments.

Sanjay Bhatia, founder and CEO of Izenda, said his company's Izenda Reports business intelligence software is especially well suited to Windows 8, because the OS offers a level of integration that will allow users to integrate reports into Windows search, giving them single-click access to their report library. This capability will cut costs and create added advantages for customers accessing real-time data, he said.

Development Differences

Izenda is "thrilled" that Microsoft is supporting HTML5 and JavaScript as an option for developing Windows 8 applications, Bhatia said.

O'Brien said Windows 8 will appeal to Windows developers because they can use familiar Microsoft tools and technologies. At the same time, "Microsoft is opening the door for a whole new segment of Web developers to experience them" by adding native HTML5 and JavaScript support.

O'Brien said both users and developers will appreciate Windows 8 live tiles, data-enabled tiles that collect information from Web servers and applications and dynamically push out notifications and changes to the Windows 8 start screen. So, he explained, a tile for a user's email client might show subjects of recent email messages. Displaying these kinds of updates for frequently-used applications can obviously boost productivity.

The key to designing user-friendly mobile apps for Windows 8 – and apps developed on other platforms, as well – is offering "an immersive experience that gives users just what they need in a very visible way," O'Brien said.

"Some people developing on top of Dynamics CRM like to just take forms from the Web browser and put them on a mobile device," he said.  "But that is not a good mobile experience. You want to give users very specific use cases and flows. A good mobile experience should be simple and intuitive and not a ‘do everything’ solution. With Windows 8 users can still go back to their laptops and desktops for fuller functionality."

Momentum is building for Windows 8, especially following the recent tweet about the Release Preview. As the Release Preview is usually the final stage before a full commercial launch, industry observers are speculating the full release will come late in 2012's third quarter or early in Q4. Still, with the launch date not yet certain, O'Brien said at least some of his company's clients that want mobile apps intend to use Apple's iOS for now and port apps to Windows 8 as the official launch nears.

Ann All is the editor of Enterprise Apps Today.

This article was originally published on May 3, 2012
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