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Data Management: September 2014

Data Management and Data Warehousing software and solutions. - Archive for September 2014

A 'Data First' Approach, in 3 Phases

A Data First approach helps organizations properly assess, improve and sustain data quality in order to deliver expected business benefits …

Data Visualization: Old Practice, New Value

While visualization tools can help organizations get new value from their data, there are some caveats.

Data Discovery Is Changing Business Intelligence

Traditional business intelligence vendors are tweaking their software to facilitate easier data discovery. Both user demand and upstart …

SharePoint Updates Ease Move to Cloud

SharePoint 2013 Service Pack 1's new features are worth a look if you have any plans on integrating with Microsoft's cloud offerings.

Startup Spotlight: BitYota's Data Warehouse-as-a-Service

BitYota, a company founded by Yahoo alumni, isn't just offering traditional data warehouse technology in the cloud.