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EMC Takes On Oracle with Greenplum Data Computing Appliance

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EMC claims its new Greenplum Data Computing Appliance can crunch 'big data' faster than other systems.

EMC has rolled out a new Data Computing Appliance, claiming it can crunch "big data" faster than other systems at a lower cost. As reported on EnterpriseStorageForum, The new EMC (NYSE: EMC) Greenplum Data Computing Appliance integrates database, compute, storage and network into a single system, and is available in half-rack, full-rack, and multiple-rack appliance configurations for terabyte to petabyte-scale deployments.

"Data loading is not a big deal for most users, but Ben Werther, director of product strategy for EMC’s Data Computing Products Division and formerly the head of product management for Greenplum, said maintaining data pipelines is difficult once you reach a certain size. 'The source can become the bottleneck and when that happens you are doing triage and playing catch up. In our model, all of the pieces of the database request data chunks, spreading the load across all of the nodes of the system and fully parallelizing loads from any source,' he said."

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This article was originally published on October 18, 2010
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