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BT Ignite Upgrades SLAs

By Natasha Gray     Feedback

Moving above and beyond traditional Service Level Agreements, BT Ignite Content Hosting introduces a three-tiered system for its customer service.

BT Ignite Content Hostinga division of the broadband business of British Telecom (BT) Group, yesterday announced a three-tiered suite of customer service initiatives to enhance its service level agreements (SLAs).

The new suite incorporates Platinum, Gold and Bronze Service Management which BT Ignite says will provide customers with greater levels of personal service and give BT Ignite Content Hosting a lead on other providers in Europe.

"It is clear from our own customer research that service is a key differentiator in choosing a hosting provider. We are committed to improving industry service standards by providing customers with a superior service that recognizes their changing business needs," says Stephen Crisp, VP Customer Relationships, BT Ignite Content Hosting

"This moves us beyond SLAs which, whilst important, tend to be rigid with their focus on technical requirements," he adds.

The Platinum, Gold and Bronze Service Management aim to provide different levels of personalized advice to customers to support their hosting needs.

The Platinum Management Service, BT Ignite's highest tiered customer service level, includes exclusive access to a customer service manager who 'owns' all service-related issues for customers that require high-end, complex hosting solutions.

The Management Service, focuses on solutions for high-end customers with less complex needs, and provides support through a service management team.

The Bronze Service Management and final tier in the suite, is in development for customers needing less hands-on support, and will be introduced in March 2002.

So far, BT Ignite says the Platinum Service Management has been tested by customers for the last eight weeks yielding positive results.

"We operate a unique and highly complex business and our needs go beyond the standard SLA," says David Laurie, Chief Executive, Brightview, a privately owned ISP and BT Ignite customer.

"Having a proactive and dedicated service manager who thoroughly understands both the complexities of our business and the hosting market is essential. The advanced levels of support we are receiving under Platinum Service Management only enhance this relationship."

This article was originally published on January 24, 2002
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