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IBM Kenexa Helps Orgs Tap Top Talent, Grow Social Business via Big Data: Page 2

By Darryl K. Taft     Feedback
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Moreover, using Watson Foundations, customers will be able to conduct a deeper level of analysis on key workforce-related data, identify trends within the workforce, understand their causes, predict future trends and proactively take action. Executives can also look at the work profiles and performance of their top employees and determine the appropriate type of rewards needed to keep them engaged.

According to an upcoming IBM C-Suite study that surveyed 342 CHROs representing 18 industries, many businesses are not taking full advantage of the insights delivered by workforce big data and analytics.

IBM said leading businesses such as the AMC entertainment company are benefiting from IBM talent management software. AMC uses recruitment technologies from IBM to gain an understanding through data analytics of what it takes to succeed at the organization. AMC then uses that knowledge to attract candidates who are more likely to succeed once they're hired.  

"Harnessing the power of data gives us a better picture of what top talent looks like in our industry," said Heather Jacox, director of Diversity, Recruitment & Development at AMC, in a statement. "IBM's talent management solutions allow us to use data in new ways so we can make better informed decisions that have a greater impact on our business."

Advertising powerhouse Leo Burnett Worldwide, another major customer, is using IBM's workforce talent management software to analyze people surveys, strengthen its global workforce, drive revenue and increase retention. 

Through IBM's data analytics, Leo Burnett is able to glean valuable insights from its annual global people survey to better understand the needs of the workforce. Leo Burnett partnered with IBM's Smarter Workforce consultants, who use employee engagement analytics software to look at what drives their people to contribute to agency accomplishments. The information collected provided insights that helped generate suggestions that the agency can implement to better engage their people and improve productivity.

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Leo Burnett used IBM's analytics solutions to survey their more than 8,500 people and applied IBM's analytics to synthesize the perspectives their people shared regarding agency strengths and weaknesses. The company then identified those agency characteristics that lead to an engaged workforce. Additionally, the results helped Leo Burnett's senior executives identify the most engaged agencies.

 "With IBM, we now have the ability to more fully understand the perceptions that our people share about working in the agency," said Sidney Chapon, executive vice president of Leo Burnett, in a statement. As a result, we're able to use that information to improve our agency work environment and, ultimately, our business."

"The success of any organization rides on having a talented and engaged workforce. By investing in behavioral analytics, organizations can truly tap into the pulse of their employees," said Jonathan Ferrar, vice president of Smarter Workforce at IBM, in a statement. "Using the insights gained from analyzing comments from employees, companies not only attract top talent, but assemble a more enduring and engaged workforce that can lead to success over time."

This article was originally published on January 27, 2014
Originally published on eWeek.
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