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Marketing: April 2002

Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Marketing Automation software and solutions. - Archive for April 2002

EPIC FastForward

It's not enough to launch an e-store and wait for shoppers to empty your shelves. Once you've brought buyers in the door it takes effort to …

Breaking Through Marketing-Speak and Technobabble

If your company is considering an investment in Web technology, I feel your pain. It's a pretty difficult task to understand exactly what …

What Taco Bell Taught Me About Customer Retention

I didn't plan to get a marketing lesson. I really just wanted a steak chalupa.

Borrow Bucks, Get Some Miles

LendingTree lets its loan customers get high in a deal with four national air carriers that links mileage and mortgages.

RFM, Part 3

If you know what RFM stands for, you're one step ahead of the game. But read on to learn how these three simple letters can help you …