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Marketing: October 2014

Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Marketing Automation software and solutions. - Archive for October 2014

Birst Analytics App Unifies Marketing Data

Birst says its solution helps companies integrate all of their marketing data, with the aim of producing a more complete view of customers.

Self-service BI Initiatives Fall Short

Why do so few business people use self-service business intelligence? A lack of training is one problem.

Startup Spotlight: Attentive.ly Puts Social to Work

With its roots in helping nonprofits leverage social media, Attentive.ly helps companies identify and deepen relationships with their top …

Business Intelligence 103: The Future Lies Ahead

Emerging technologies like dynamic data visualization promise to change business intelligence for the better.

Zoho Tightens CRM Integration for Unified Customer Experience

Zoho's latest CRM release integrates marketing, sales and support software and adds new Web analytics and social capabilities.

Big Data Analytics Needs a Code of Ethics

With Big Data analytics offering the ability to create highly detailed consumer profiles, experts say companies must consider the ethical …

CRM Integration More Important than a Pretty Interface

CRM vendors are striving to improve their software's user interface. But are they neglecting data integration?