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Creating Content that Turns Browsers into Buyers: Page 2

By Michelle Megna     Feedback
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Five Merchandising Tips
Todaro focused on five merchandising steps that he said help increase conversions:

  1. Provide easy access to products through search engine optimization and guided navigation
  2. Categorize and segment content for accuracy
  3. Create content to set your site apart from others
  4. Use visuals such as video and virtual modeling
  5. Allow customers to generate content for the site

He outlined the following as key SEO tasks: monitoring the search terms used on referring search engines, updating product attributes and building external links.

Guided navigation, or letting customers refine a search, is critical. Todaro cited Dutch Gardens as a good example as the "plant finder" lets you filter by color, growing zone, height, light requirements, season of bloom and special attributes including drought-tolerant.

On his second point, Todaro suggests that you organize your product catalog with category names that are "clear and mutually exclusive," and that you use language, graphics and icons that are easy to understand. He also advises using text from the manufacturer to ensure accuracy.

Thirdly, he echoes one of the tenants of e-tail success, which is to use your knowledge, or that of others, in a particular area of expertise in how-to content and guides to make your site a destination for those who want to learn about the products.

As far as using visuals, Todaro cites toy sites that use Playmobil and use animation and video to demonstrate products while promoting sales. He also said social merchandising can be achieved by including user-reviews, blogs and forums at your site to create a community that visitors want to participate in. Finally, he advises the use of A/B split testing to track what's working and what isn't when merchandising your site.

For more help on merchandising, or to download the entire Webinar presentation, visit Demandware's Resource Center.

Michelle Megna is managing editor of ECommerce-Guide.com.

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This article was originally published on April 24, 2008
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