The Little Mermaid Review 2023

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Updated · Aug 28, 2023

The Little Mermaid Review 2023

The Little Mermaid Review: The Little Mermaid is written by Hans Christian Andersen. It has attracted audiences generation after generation. With the help of enchanting narration and themes like self-discovery, love, sacrifice, etc. in 2023, this movie has received a new cinematic adaptation that aims for magic for a new generation audience.

With progress in technology and storytelling ways. The 2023 version of the movie promises to deliver amazing visuals and emotionally resonated experiences. This review includes the various aspects of the 2023 adaption. It explores how the source material is introduced to improve modern sensibilities and opinions. From the plot and characters, the technical elements are there. To showcase the underwater world in an authentic manner. A comprehensive analysis is also done. Further, the review considers the film’s effect on contemporary pop culture. It also contributes to the ongoing legacy of The Little Mermaid.

As we go on a journey to explore the underwater world. The challenges and problems are also showcased in the character. It uncovers the cinema rendition and examines how to hold up the predecessor and the audience’s expectations. With a mixture of nostalgia and innovation, the 2023 Little Mermaid invites us again the faith in love’s power and the magic of the depth of an ocean.

Story’s Summary

It is set against the background of a bright underwater world. The 2023 adaptation of the movie follows the attractive story of Ariel. A spirited and curious mermaid princess. She has an overprotective father who is King Triton. Ariel’s liking to see the world above the sea led her to shipwreck exploration and collect human artifacts. Her world takes an unexpected turn when Prince Eric rescues her from a storm and becomes attracted to the human world.

It is driven by the desire to be with the Prince Aric. A fateful bargain is made with a sea witch named Ursula. In exchange for her voice, Ariel changes into a human for some time. To win her true love’s kiss from Eric and also to remain a human being forever. With the help of her loyal friends Flounder and Sebastian, the guidance of a seagull named Scuttle sees through the challenges of life on the land. While dealing with the voicelessness of challenges.

Further, Eric and Ariel’s connection becomes strong. On the other side, Ursula a sea witch makes a plan to separate them. She creates a situation. In which she speaks in Ariel’s voice with Eric and makes sure he falls in love with her. It becomes a race against time. As Ariel must find a solution to reveal Ursula’s plan to regain her voice. To win Eric’s heart before Ursula’s black magic becomes successful. The ending includes the confrontation between Ariel and Ursula. In the background of ocean waves. With the support of friends and determination, Ariel breaks Ursula’s spell. It also brings the final victory to celebrate love, courage, and self-discovery. The movie also ends on a heartwarming note. As Ariel gains the father’s understanding and acceptance. That unites the world of land and sea.

Through the mixture of captivating visuals, heartfelt storytelling, and memorable characters, the 2023 adaptation of the Little Mermaid movie reimagines the classic story for the new age. It also captures the essence of Andersen’s originality. While including the contemporary sensibilities in it. 

Cinematography of the Movie

The Little Mermaid movie involves the viewers on the breathtaking journey of the underwater world. Through the efficient use of cinematography. Cutting-edge technology is also used to mesmerize the realms beneath the waves. That is visually appealing and immersive.

There is underwater realism. One of the unique film’s achievements is the ability to showcase the underwater world. The light play, the gentle swaying of the sea plants, movement’s fluidity contribute to the sense of a submerged and enchanting underwater world. The attention to detail is given. It helps to depict the underwater elements and colors interplay. Authenticity is also added to the settings.

The room grandeur of the underwater world is the beauty of the film. The cinematography includes the wonder of the deep sea. A camera shows us the coral reefs, and bright shoals of fish and provides the audience with a front-row seat. In the world of underwater. The contrast is also provided between the worlds. The movie adapts to the different visual styles. A seamless transition is there to add to the realms. Ariel also goes between the underwater world and the unfamiliar land above it.

The movie’s color palette, lighting, and overall aesthetic contribute to the magical atmosphere. Shifts also convey emotions, mood, and the interplay of light and shadow. It also adds depth to the scenes. Especially through the moments of introspection and revelation. In total, the visual effects and cinematography of the 2023 Little Mermaid create a captivating world that helps the viewers.  The movie is able to mix technology and artistry resulting in an enchanting cinematic experience. This brings Anderson’s beloved story of life in various ways.

The Movie’s Soundtrack and Music

Little Mermaid movie includes melodious music and attractive soundtracks. It provides uniqueness to the same tunes. Introducing the original composition improves ht emotional depth of the plot. Classic hits are reimagined in the movie. Iconic songs are included like Kiss the Girl, Part of Your World, Under the Sea, etc. It also offers contemporary music elements. This music is a nostalgic nod to the viewers. To embrace the movie’s modern aspect.

A set of new music additions are also there. These new songs provide the narration forward but also contribute to the character’s development. Like the ocean song that Ariel sings. It captures the unity of spirit and longing for the unknown. While the Voices of the Deep song offers motivation and the history of Ursula.

The vocal performances of the characters contribute to the importance of the effectiveness of songs. The actors portray Ariel’s innocence and eagerness. It also defines the characters. While the voice of Ursula includes the devilness with the sinister quality. The sound design in movies plays an important role in creating an amazing experience. The underwater visuals and delicate sound of the ocean, melody whispers of the sea breeze improve the movie’s environment. It also attracts the audience to enchant the songs in the world of sea and land.

The movie’s soundtrack helps to recur the musical motives. It also helps to highlight the important themes and moments. These motives create the musical threads that tie together the journey of every character. Ariel’s to earn freedom helps to defeat Ursula.

The music and soundtrack of the movie is a powerful one. It honors the cherished melodies to introduce the new musical pieces. The adaption also helps successfully transport the viewers where emotions and dreams find their voice through music. Songs are witty, complex ones with some unashamed delight.

Cast Performances

The 2023 adaption of the movie Little Mermaid shows the cast of talented actors. They are provided with the chance to deliver in-depth and authentic performances. The chemistry and individual portrayal of the cast contributes to the movie’s emotions resonating with the audience and overall effect.

Ariel is the main leading character. She delivers the best performance that includes curiosity, determination, and a sense of wonder. Her journey is highlighted as she navigates through the challenges. To convey the longing for life on land.

Prince Eric’s character includes charm, kindness, and adventurousness. Chemistry is built with Ariel which is important to convey the blooming romance. Their performance adds depth to Eric’s realization of true love.

Ursula is the villain in the movie. The character portrayed is an attractive one. Portrayal balances Ursula’s devil plan with wrong motives. It creates actions that are attractive and menacing.

Supporting characters are also there. Like flounder, scuttle, Sebastian. They all add some humor to the movie. Their performances are incredible with different personalities being showcased. They also contribute to the emotional aspect of the plot.

There is King Triton. The actor portrays the complexities of a father. He is forced to choose between his overprotectiveness and his daughter’s desire to achieve freedom. Triton also struggles with the role of a king and father.

Underwater Companion’s cast consists of endearing qualities. Their performances provide a sense of unity and friendship. It also includes the movie’s themes of connection and belonging. At last, cast performances are dutiful ones with good intentions and some fun.

Vocal Performance

The cast’s vocal performances during the songs play an important role. It helps to convey the character’s emotions. The wide range of singing voices improves the effect of songs and adds another layer for narration.

Chemistry and interaction is also an essential aspect. The interaction between the cast members and the movie’s chemistry is showcased. Through the comedy, romance, and moments of conflict, etc. It shows the authenticity that enables characters relations to relate with the viewers

The acting and performances provide emotional depth and engagement. By the nuanced portrayal, characters infuse the characters with relatable and complex concepts. It also allows the viewers to connect with the character’s journey to love, self-discovery, and pursue their dreams.

Themes of the Movie

Explore timeless themes that resonate across the generations. It also offers thought-provoking messages about identity, sacrifice, love, and the pursuit of dreams.

  • Identity: The movie has the theme of identity. Ariel struggles with the two existence as the mermaid and a human being. So, she wants to achieve freedom from it. As she desires to search for her own identity and voice. The movie also focuses on the importance of remaining true to oneself. It also navigates through external pressures and expectations.
  • Sacrifice for love: The sacrifice theme is showcased by Ariel. Through the decision to give up on her voice in return for giving her a chance to love. This selfless act showcases the lengths that people go to for the sake of a person they care about. The movie also includes the reflection of the sacrifice nature of the character. It’s impact and emotional complexity. 
  • Transformation power of love: A Central theme of the movie Little Mermaid. Through the relationship of eric and Ariel, the movie shows the diverse worlds, cultures, and backgrounds. The emotional connection includes the idea that love is required to inspire growth. It also needs a deeper understanding.
  • Acceptance: The acceptance theme is also explored. As the ariel’s desire to belong to both land and sea. This includes the universal human longing for acceptance. This theme is also seen through the cast’s relations with family members, friends, and society.
  • Choice consequences: The choice and its consequences are there in the movie. The cast’s decisions have an impact as the plot showcases the choices being made. That had both positive and negative results. This theme encourages reflection on decision-making and its effect of it.
  • Critics’ review: The Disney remake animated movie seems to produce original content.  It stays true to its core through heartwarming performances and captivating visuals. The modern intake on the beloved classic. Character development is there for both the leading characters. This movie elaborates the Ariel’s bravery and enjoys her connection with Eric. but somehow, visual effects are considered to be weak. 

In spite of this, the movie captures the engaging narration. It includes elements of contemporary sensibilities. New songs also are well praised which adds to in-depth narration and emotions.

At the box office, it has experienced strong opening on weekends. It has been able to maintain a steady momentum. The worldwide box office collection is shown in the popularity of the Little Mermaid name. It has the ability to attract new viewers.

The success of the 2023 adaption includes the discussions of the legacy. Future adaptions will also come as it will recognize the interests in the underwater world and characters. It has received positive feedback for the themes, cast performances, and attractive visuals. Its success at the box office has solidified its position as a worthy addition to its various adaptions. That will help us remember the magic of enduring stories.

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