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News: December 2001

Industry and product news on CRM, Business Intelligence, ERP, supply chain management, and other enterprise applications. - Archive for December 2001

Witness Announces its "Customer Advisory Committee"

The global customer relationship solution provider has announced the new members of its "Customer Advisory Committee" for 2001-2002, …

Oracle Small Business Suite Updated

NetLedger leverages the power of the ASP model to add several features and enhancements to the Oracle Small Business Suite just 6 weeks …

SPSS Enhances Data Mining App

The Chicago-based CRM provider unleashes Clementine 6.5 -- a new and improved, enterprise-strength, interactive data mining workbench.

A Way to Ease the 'Return' Problem

UPS, matching a similar service from FedEx, unveils technology that lets merchants send an e-mail shipping label directly to customers who …

The Three Most Valuable Lessons Learned, Part 2

Arthur O'Connor explains the second lesson -- new technology should only be implemented if it will improve business processes.

Market Research Bears Fruit Online

Attracted by promises of speed, reach, and significant savings, businesses and corporations are increasingly turning Web-wards to collect …

More Banks Offering Online Services to Customers

Community banks continue to invest in technological tools and applications that provide value to customers and increase operational …

Indian CRM Firm Raises US$9m In Series B Funding

CustomerAsset gets US$2 million from US$45 million Jumpstartup Venture Fund, which makes its first investment in the CRM sector.

Carefully Targeted e-Marketing Campaigns

E-tailers should use e-mail as a means of engendering customer loyalty instead of bringing about consumer annoyance.

Survey: Gap in CRM Perception between Consumer and Company

Results of PwC Consulting's Multi-Channel Value Quantification survey indicate that many companies are unsure of what consumers really want, …

Seeing CRM Success

"Creating a CRM Vision" from Gartner indicates that companies who aim to be successful in CRM must adopt an image of what a customer-centric …

How to Build Customer Relationships Online

Marketing is not just about getting an order, it's about getting a customer and keeping them.

Hochauser Will Take Helm at Harte-Hanks

Richard M. Hochhauser will succeed Larry Franklin as chief executive officer, assuming the position April 1, 2002. Franklin, who has been …

vReps Raise Their IQ

New NativeMinds Inc. technology will allow virtual reps to interpret and respond accurately to context-sensitive questions.

Putting the P Into e-CRM

One of the most overlooked aspects of any CRM strategy is the people on each end of the equation.

Study: Tech Brands Failed To Build Relationships

A survey of marketing executives found technology companies spent too much time on brand awareness, and too little on CRM.

Korean Tourism Body To Launch Voice-Enabled Info System Next Month

Korea's National Tourism Organization to deploy SpeechWorks natural language speech solution to enable easy retrieval of information such as …

Can Loyalty Survive Recession?

Frequent-flier and traveler loyalty programs have been rousing successes in engendering brand loyalty, but how will they perform in a …

Seagram Puts CentrPort on its Tab

The Spirits And Wine Group will power its Tequila Don Julio brand with an opt-in sweepstakes promotion from CentrPort, Inc. The intent …

IBM Introduces CRM Management Services

Called a "plan, implement and run" offering, the solution is designed to help accelerate and reduce the risk of CRM deployment at …