Advanced Glass Market Status; the Best Is Yet to Come | Asahi Glass, Saint Gobain, Sisecam

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Updated · May 08, 2023

Advanced Glass Market Status; the Best Is Yet to Come | Asahi Glass, Saint Gobain, Sisecam

The Advanced Glass Market is predicted to see a growth rate of 6.2% and may see a market size of US$ 79.4 Bil. By 2028, currently pegged at US$ 58.3 Bil.

Published Via 11Press : Advanced eyewear is of greater quality. They are constructed with unique features and serve a variety of functions. They are produced using a number of materials, such as soda ash, silica sand, and natural gas. The glass is made with the use of contemporary methods and technological elements. Based on their intended use, modern glasses go through a variety of chemical and mechanical procedures. In addition to safety, sound reduction, security, and UV protection, advanced glasses provide various other benefits. It may be used in a variety of industries, including construction, automotive, and electronics. It serves as a screen guard for laptops and other portable electronic devices. Given that it provides exceptional vision in inclement weather, it may also be used as a windscreen. Infrastructure project funding from the government is increasing. Additionally, the construction industry is growing internationally.

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Advanced Glass Market

Advanced Glass Market Key Players

Below are the most prominent enterprise Advanced Glass industry players.

  • Pittsburgh Plate Glass Industries
  • Asahi Glass
  • Saint Gobain
  • Corning Inc.
  • Nippon Sheet Glass
  • Guardian Industries
  • Sisecam
  • Xinyi Glass Holdings
  • Fuyao Glass Industry
  • Gentex

Advanced Glass Market Key Business Segments

By Product Type

  • Coated Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Toughened Glass
  • Ceramic Glass

By End Use Application

  • Commercial Construction
  • Residential Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Automobiles
  • Electronics
  • Leisure
  • Others

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Advanced Glass Market Regional Analysis

The Advanced Glass market has been segmented geographically into:

  • North America (United States, Canada); Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and other countries in South America
  • Europe, which includes Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, the Nordic countries, Benelux, Spain, Italy, and the rest of Europe.
  • Asia-Pacific region
  • China, Japan, India, Australia, and other countries in APAC, except Southeast Asia
  • MEA (South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Nigeria, and others)

In 2022, the North American region accounted for the greatest market share. Due to the presence of important corporations and the region’s rapid technical growth, Asia Pacific, on the other hand, was the second-largest market.

  • North America is projected to lead the Advanced Glass market. The United States would contribute the highest in this region.
  • Europe is a shining marketplace in Advanced Glass Market during the projected year 2023-2029. UK, Germany & France to hold maximum market share.
  • The Advanced Glass market study also provides a breakdown by Southeast Asian (ASEAN) countries. It is anticipated to see the fastest growing territory in Advanced Glass Industry.
  • The rest of the Major Asian Economies that are considered in the study are China, Japan, India, and Australia.
  • Central & South American market is experiencing Investors’ attention. Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina are seen as the ‘Red Hot’ Market in Advanced Glass Market.

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Market Growth Drivers

  • The continually growing use of advanced glass in the building industry is one important factor influencing demand for advanced glass worldwide. This industry is expected to grow over the next years as a result of customers using sophisticated glass more frequently overall.
  • However, some concerns about the strain brought on by using advanced glass technologies may limit the growth of the advanced glass market throughout the anticipated time.
  • Due to its many applications in security, vibration reduction, UV executives, and noise absorption, the market for flexible advanced glass is anticipated to expand over the course of the anticipated ten-year period.


  • The biggest factor impeding market growth is the price volatility of the primary raw materials needed to make glass. Prices of various raw materials are significantly influenced by changes in supply.
  • The price of a particular raw material rises as demand for it rises. Modern glass manufacturers often increase the cost of finished items to keep up with rising input costs. Consumers would be deterred from buying Advanced Glass because of its expensive price, which would limit sales volume and impede the market’s expansion.


  • The increased demand for flat glasses from a variety of end users is one of the main factors having an influence on the market. This is in line with the fact that major flat glass producers are investing in R&D projects to produce glasses of greater quality.
  • They are also producing stronger, clearer, and more transparent glasses using enhanced production methods. Making reasonably priced glazing and sunlight control panels is another way that large corporations are utilizing nanomaterials.

Major Development in the Advanced Glass Market

Report Highlights

Report Attributes Details
CAGR 6.2 %
Market Forecast (2029) US$ 79.4 Bil
Current Market Size (2022) US$ 58.3 Bil
Dominating Segment Commercial Construction
Major Players Profiled Sisecam, Corning, Asahi Glass, Saint Gobain, Nippon Sheet Glass, Fuyao Glass Industry, Gentex, Xinyi Glass Holdings, Guardian Industries.
Base Year 2022

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Frequently Asked Question

Q1: How big is the market for advanced glass right now?

A: The Advanced Glass Market, according to research by, was estimated to be worth USD 58.3 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to reach USD 79.4 billion by 2032, rising at a CAGR of 6.2% during the course of the forecast.

Q2: What are the main market segments for advanced glass?

A: The Global Advanced Glass Market is segmented by Type (Coated Glass, Toughened Glass, Ceramic Glass, Laminated Glass), Functionality (Safety & Security, Fire Rated, Solar Control, Others), Geography (North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, MEA), Application (Residential Construction, Infrastructure, Commercial Construction, Automobiles, Electronics, Leisure, Others), and Geography (North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, MEA).

Q3: Who are the major companies in the market for advanced glass?

A: Pittsburgh Plate Glass Industries, Inc., Asahi Glass Co. Ltd., Saint Gobain, and Corning Inc. are a few of the major companies in the advanced glass market. Japan’s Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd. Guardian Industries, Sisecam, Xinyi Glass Holdings, Fuyao Glass Industry Group, and Gentex are just a few of the companies that participate in this industry. Key Figures.

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