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Tips to Incorporate Social Media Into Customer Strategies

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Five tips to help you build a solid social CRM strategy for your organization.

Businesses looking to take the next step in social CRM strategy should start by incorporating social media efforts into overall customer strategies recommends Elizabeth Glagowski in this 1to1 Magazine article. It make sense to integrate social media programs with a company's overall customer strategy. This report suggests that for most companies, the idea is more common than the actual practice but offers five essential social CRM tips to get you started.

"Social media tools are generally easy to use and don't require much technical expertise. Many are free. And most everyone's customers are active on social networks. The temptation to try to monitor every bit of feedback, follow-up on every brand mention, and interact with every customer is enormous. It's also overwhelming. And it's not a good idea for the company or for customers.

"'The data is so overwhelming if you try to capture every conversation,' says Alterian's Fisher. 'The volume would preclude you from getting real value.' Trying to respond to everyone is too difficult, and automation may sour customers looking for genuine dialog. 'We don't believe quantity beats quality. The challenge is to not boil the ocean and instead get into conversations in a thoughtful and pragmatic way. Otherwise, it's out and out reckless.'"

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This article was originally published on February 1, 2011
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