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Updated · May 12, 2023

According to HTF MI, the market for Assessment Services is anticipated to register a CAGR of 7.32% during the forecast period to 2029.

Published Via 11Press : An up-to-date research study released by HTF MI on “Assessment Services Market Growth 2023-2029” offers readers information on tactical planning and business actions that affect and stabilize Assessment Services market development estimates. Squared how key trends and evolving drivers are shaping this industry’s growth. The marketplace Study is segmented by the main region that is rushing. The major players are covered such as Orion Registrar (Canada), IMP Canada (Canada) Synoptek, Korn Ferry (United States), Pearson Vue,  Aon PLC (UK), IBM Corporation (United States), TeamLease, DDI (US), Mettl (India), PSI Services LLC (USA), Hogan Assessment Systems, Talent Plus (United States), Educational Data Systems (United States).

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Assessment Services Industry Background:

  • A candidate’s suitability for a certain sort of profession, typically management or military command, is evaluated through an assessment service.
  • The effective advantage of the assessment service is to deliver important information related to the knowledge and skills that candidates have as they enter a course.
  • Assessments service provides its services to Educational Institutions, Examination Boards, Universities, Government bodies, and Corporates.
  • Assessment is a key component of learning because it helps individuals to learn.
  • It helps to determine whether one has learned what they were expected to learn or a degree.
  • A wide range of assessments and testing services are referred to as “assessment services” and are used to gauge a person’s general knowledge, talents, and other attributes. Services for evaluation may be utilized for a range of objectives, such as education, employment, and personal growth.
  • There are several methods by which assessment services can be delivered, including online examinations, paper-based tests, and in-person evaluations.
  • The outcomes of assessment services can help people make decisions regarding their personal growth, work, and education.
  • The online assessment involves administering a test online to examine the knowledge of the participants on a particular topic. It also analyses learning progress and accomplishment and evaluates the efficacy of educational programs.

Assessment Services Market Report Highlights:

Attributes Details
Study Period 2018-2029
Base Year 2022
Forecast Period 2023-2029
Value Unit USD (Million)
Dominating Type Aptitude Tests
Dominating Type % Share 35%
Customization in Scope Get customization with the purchase of an Assessment Services Market study. Add or modify country, region & or get a further breakdown in segments in the final deliverable subject to feasibility

Assessment Services Market Key Business Segments:

By Types:

  • Online Medium
  • Offline Medium

By Application:

  • K-12
  • Higher Education
  • Corporate
  • Government

Assessment Services Market Major players are covered such as:

Orion Registrar (Canada)

IMP Canada (Canada)

Synoptek, LLC. (United States)

Korn Ferry (United States)

Pearson Vue (United States)

Aon PLC (United Kingdom)

IBM Corporation (United States)

TeamLease (India)

DDI (United States)

Mettl (India)

PSI Services LLC (United States)

Hogan Assessment Systems (United States)

Talent Plus (United States)

Educational Data Systems (United States)

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Market Growth Drivers:

  • The demand for certification training is increasing. The certificate courses have their own benefits. It makes the candidate stand apart from competitive candidates in the competitive job market.
  • Certification courses improve the skills which are required in the rapidly changing fields and with that, it also creates an opportunity to earn higher salaries than their non-certified counterparts.
  • Certificate course also helps business, it is believed that certification provides value to the organization. Companies can use the certificate to invest in, retain and promote their most promising employees.
  • This also allows the business to quickly access skill levels, saving time and resources during candidate evaluation.
  • There has been a rise in the need for skill assessment to increase employment. There are various different exams are being conducted on different platforms.
  • The assessment centers on different exercises and techniques to select or assess the candidates.
  • The assessor carefully examines the candidate while the candidates are performing their task, on the performance basis the candidate who has potential or is capable of a job gets selected.
  • The assessment service market is expected to rise owing to rising competition conducting authorities to enroll specialist exam-conducting companies.
  • Increase in focus towards assessing the candidates based on various parameters as technological advancements among others requires assessment tests.
  • Assessment test helps to evaluate skills and good scores boost the morale of the candidates.
  • This also helps to get placed in good companies or get certified for the same. There is a rising number of job seekers and increased competition is driving the demand for assessment services.

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  • With a limited budget, many organizations are not able to own the necessary hardware and software systems or solutions.
  • There are two types of mediums to conduct the exam. The mode of the examination depends on may vary from company to company. This is where the budget plays a vital role.
  • On the other hand, there are various exam which is conducted in different cities which needs to be managed accordingly.
  • Assessment service is a service that provides a candidate with evidence and criteria with which one can lay the foundation stone for a successful & sustainable future.
  • To do this, experienced teams offer a broad range of certificates, tests, audits, and assessments.
  • The major restraining factor of the global assessment services market is connectivity issues and proper utilization of assessment tools.
  • The assessment tool is the instrument that is used to collect data from each outcome.
  • The paper is handed out to the students for the purpose of assessing whether they have achieved a particular learning outcome. So, proper utilization of tools helps to evaluate candidates properly.

Data Sources of Assessment Services Market Study:

  • This research study also validates how the dynamically shifting competitive landscape affects the development of the market.
  • Furthermore, in order to grow their arcade share and presence, our marketplace scientists thoroughly examine the goods and facilities provided by various players.

Against this Inspiring Backdrop, the Assessment Services Market Study:

— The Assessment Services Market position quo and key characteristics.

— To end this, Experts at HTF Market Intelligence organize and took surveys of the Assessment Services industry players.

—The resultant snapshot serves as a basis for understanding why and in what way the Assessment Services industry is normal to change.

— Where the Assessment Services business is heading. Visions are drawn from financial analysis, reviews, and expert interviews.

— How each business in this broad group of participants can effectively navigate the changing competitive landscape and implement a plan that will put them in a position to maintain the worth they now assert or seize the fresh opportunity?


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