Beauty Devices Market to Set an Explosive Growth in Near Future

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Updated · Jul 09, 2023

Beauty Devices Market to Set an Explosive Growth in Near Future

Published Via 11Press : The instruments and equipment known as “beauty devices” can improve physical attractiveness. The beauty gadget offers services like anaesthesia treatment and may address concerns with the skin or hair. The rise in the elderly population, the prevalence of skin-related problems, and the growth of the middle class all contributed to the introduction of the beauty gadget. The need for devices used to treat skin conditions including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and acne has drastically changed the global market for beauty devices.

The most common dermatological ailment, acne, is brought on by debris, dead skin cells, and sebum obstructing hair follicles. Additionally, as people age, their traits and look change, resulting in dryness, wrinkles, pigmentation, and sagging skin, which has forced them to utilise beauty products. Infections brought on by viruses, bacteria, and fungus are also increasing the occurrences of skin illnesses, which is driving up demand for cosmetic equipment.

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Attributes Details
Study Period -2029
Base Year 2022
Largest Market North America
Unit Value (USD M)
Key Companies Profiled Koninklijke Philips N.V, Lumenis, NuFACE, L’Oreal Group, Nu Skin Enterprises Inc, Procter & Gamble, Syneron Medical Ltd, TRIA Beauty Inc, Panasonic Corporation
CAGR 14.64%

The report offers Major leading Key players:

  • L’Oreal Group
  • Koninklijke Philips
  • Nu Skin Enterprises
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Panasonic
  • Syneron Medical Ltd
  • Lumenis
  • NuFACE
  • TRIA Beauty

By Application:

  • Beauty Salon
  • Household

By Type:

  • Hair Growth Devices
  • Skin Derma Rollers
  • Cleansing Devices
  • Rejuvenation Devices

Beauty Devices

  • The beauty device market is expected to develop at a forecasted 14.64% CAGR and may reach a potential value of USD 24,98,131 million by 2029. Currently, the market is worth $11,00,725 million. Due to new methods used by companies in the Beauty Devices market, it is anticipated that the competition will get even more fierce in the next years.
  • The Beauty Devices research report gives information on the competitive environment and the product/service offerings of top businesses to assist customers in increasing their revenue shares in the sector. In order to maximise the benefits of growth prospects, this Beauty Devices market study also proposes techniques that competitors can use and emphasises important areas they should concentrate on.

Market Overview:

  • L’Oreal finalised the acquisition of Takami Co., a Japanese skincare product manufacturer and distributor, in February 2021. The acquisition is centred on pooling human resources and broadening product offers.

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Market Growth Drivers:

  • The market is growing more quickly as a result of increased interest in anti-ageing devices and growing expertise of skin care in the field of beauty devices. The market for beauty goods is growing quickly, but some factors, such as potential users’ irritation or disdain for particular skin disorders, might restrict its growth.
  • The need among consumers for devices that treat skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, and atopic dermatitis has been a major factor in how well the beauty devices sector has operated. Among the aforementioned skin conditions, acne is one of the most prevalent dermatological diseases, impacting millions of people globally. These many skin conditions are what are fueling the growth of the cosmetic gadget sector.


  • A platform dubbed Lightsaber Quattro, created by Lumenis Ltd. will start offering laser hair removal procedures in June 2020 that have been approved by medical professionals.
  • The fact that the platform offers this therapy for all skin types is well-acknowledged. Due to this, demand for hair removal equipment has increased globally.


  • The market expansion for aesthetic devices is also somewhat constrained by the availability of less expensive and more traditional alternatives. For example, shaving instead of using electric shavers or epilators, treating acne and other skin issues using creams and lotions rather than radiation-emitting devices, and so on.


  • The cosmetic business has a lot to gain from non-invasive beauty since it offers benefits including safety, speedy healing, natural results, and affordability.
  • As the market is increasing for various processes, including devices for treating acne, hair removal and hair growth, cleaning supplies, and rejuvenation equipment, among others. The market segments covered by the applications—salon, spa, and residential—are highly different.

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The Global Beauty Devices Market Study’s key findings include:

  • Market CAGR from 2022 to 2029
  • Detailed information on market growth determinants for beauty devices during the ensuing several years.
  • Detailed Insights on Future Trends in Beauty Devices and Shifting Consumer Behaviour
  • A forecast of the size of the global market for beauty products and how each country’s market will contribute to the overall market.
  • learn the market’s competitive landscape and in-depth details on key companies
  • A wide picture of client demand in the beauty devices industry
  • Detailed information on the variables posing growth challenges to businesses in the Beauty Devices market

Business transformation and important triggers:

  • The convergence of a number of key factors, such as:
  • Significant changes in the technology and cost structure of the beauty devices market;
  • A turning point in globalisation;
  • An important slowdown in developed economies;
  • The emergence of new forms of competition in the beauty devices market

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