Bed Mattress Market Update: Fast Change Strategies for 2023-2029 | Tempur Sealy, Sealy, Sleep Number

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Updated · May 26, 2023

Bed Mattress Market Update: Fast Change Strategies for 2023-2029 | Tempur Sealy, Sealy, Sleep Number

According to HTF MI, “Global Bed Mattress Market: Industry Share, Trends, Size, Opportunity, Growth, and Forecast 2023-2029“. Between 2023 and 2028, it is predicted that the global bed mattress market will expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.8%, reaching USD 33.4 billion in 2023 and USD 43.7 billion in 2028.

Published Via 11Press : Both household and business environments use bed mattresses. Mattress types include innerspring, memory foam, air, and waterbeds, among others. The largest and fastest-growing mattress market is in Asia Pacific. The critical elements of rising disposable income and rising awareness of the value of sleep are the driving forces behind the market dynamics for bed mattresses, although being constrained by the restraints of price sensitivity and fierce rivalry among market competitors. Despite this, the market is anticipated to keep growing because of the multiple potential prospects offered by the rising demand for personalized mattresses and technological improvements.

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Bed Mattress Market

Key and developing players who have been highlighted as part of the coverage include

  • Tempur Sealy
  • Serta Simmons Bedding, LLC
  • Sealy
  • Sleep Number
  • King Koil Licensing Company
  • Simmons Bedding Company
  • Silentnight Group
  • Hilding Anders International AB
  • Recticel NV/SA
  • Spring Air
  • Therapedic
  • Casper Sleep Inc

Market Drivers

  • The market for bed mattresses is expanding as a result of rising disposable income and rising sleep awareness.
  • In many nations, rising disposable income levels have improved purchasing power and the capacity to make purchases like premium mattresses.
  • To improve their quality of sleep and general well-being, consumers are prepared to pay extra for comfy and long-lasting mattresses.
  • Consumers are becoming more and more conscious of the value of getting enough sleep for their overall health and well-being.
  • People are ready to spend money on mattresses that provide the best comfort, support, and pressure relief as they become more aware of the positive effects of sleep on their physical and mental health.

Market Opportunities

  • When it comes to mattress firmness, materials, and features, consumers have a wide range of preferences.
  • By providing choices for customization like changeable firmness, individualized support, and bespoke comfort, one may cater to individual wants and tastes and develop a specialized market.
  • The market for bed mattresses has chances for innovation due to ongoing technological improvements.
  • The use of smart technology, such as temperature control systems, connection features, and sleep monitoring devices, can improve the entire sleeping experience and draw in tech-savvy customers.

Market Restraints

  • The market expansion for bed mattresses is being hampered by price sensitivity and intense rivalry among industry participants.
  • The bed mattress industry may be significantly constrained by customer price sensitivity.
  • Particularly high-end and specialized mattresses can be rather pricey. Mattress replacement may be put off by consumers, especially in price-sensitive countries, which might have an adverse effect on sales and market expansion.
  • There are many manufacturers and brands competing for market share in the fiercely competitive bed mattress industry.
  • Price wars and narrow profit margins for industry participants are possible as a result of this fierce rivalry.
  • To stand out in the competitive market, manufacturers must distinguish their products through distinctive features, quality, and branding.

Market Challenges

  • Intense competition among manufacturers and retailers.
  • Fluctuating raw material prices affect profit margins.
  • Rising labor and operational costs.

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Bed Mattress Market Segmentation:

The report has categorized the Bed Mattress market based on type, distribution channel, and region.

Market Breakdown by Applications: 

  • Innerspring Mattresses
  • Memory Foam Mattresses
  • Air Mattresses
  • Waterbed
  • Others

Market Breakdown by Types:

  • Residential
  • Commercial

Report Scope

The Market size value in 2023 USD 33.4 Billion
Revenue Forecast by 2033 USD 43.7 Billion
Growth Rate CAGR Of 5.8%
Regions Covered Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and the rest of the globe
Historical Years 2018-2022
Base Year 2022
Estimated Year 2023
Short-Term Projection Year 2028

Competitive Landscape:

Along with studying the profiles of the key players in the Bed Mattress market, the industry’s competitive environment is deeply examined. Some of the players profiled are Serta Simmons Bedding, LLC, Tempur Sealy International, Inc., Sealy Corporation, King Koil Licensing Company, Inc., Sleep Number Corporation, Silentnight Group Limited, Simmons Bedding Company, LLC, Recticel NV/SA, Hilding Anders International AB, Therapedic International, Spring Air International, Casper Sleep Inc.

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Key highlights of the report:                                                    

  • Bed Mattress Market Performance (2018-2022)
  • Bed Mattress Market Outlook (2023-2028)
  • Bed Mattress Market Trends
  • Bed Mattress Market Drivers and Success Factors
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Detailed competitive landscape

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