Behavioral Biometrics Market Explosive Growth Seen Ahead with Rising Demand | BioCatch, SecureAuth, LexisNexis

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Updated · May 06, 2023

Behavioral Biometrics Market Explosive Growth Seen Ahead with Rising Demand | BioCatch, SecureAuth, LexisNexis

Published Via 11Press : According to HTF MI, “Global Behavioral Biometrics Market: Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2023-2029″. The Global Behavioral Biometrics Market is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23% from 2023 to 2028, reaching USD 1.22 Billion in 2023 and USD 7.85 Billion by 2028.

Behavioral biometrics is a technique for recognizing individuals in light of quantifiable examples of their way of behaving, for example, how they type or move. This is not quite the same as actual biometrics, which depends on natural qualities like fingerprints. Behavioral biometrics can be utilized for secure validation in different settings, and the information is commonly scrambled for added security. Conduct biometrics helps with confirming the character of a client and separating between real human ways of behaving and computerized cyberattacks on the web. The interaction includes distinguishing explicit pieces of information and handling them into a numeric incentive for correlation with the contribution from the end client. Behavioral biometrics can frequently be accumulated utilizing existing equipment, making it a more financially savvy arrangement than actual biometrics. The spread of innovation across businesses, especially in banking and internet business, is expanding the requirement for online protection, and that thusly is filling market development in the Behavioral Biometrics market.

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Regulatory Insights:

  • The Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) was an information security regulation created by the Chinese government and it happened on November 1, 2021.
  • The PIPL perceives Behavioral biometrics as a sort of private information and expects organizations to get people’s unequivocal assent prior to gathering, utilizing, or sharing their conduct biometrics information.
  • Organizations are additionally expected to give clear and open security arrangements that make sense of the reasons and strategies for gathering and handling individual information, including Behavioral biometrics. They are likewise expected to guarantee the precision, fulfillment, and security of the individual information they gather and to go to fitting lengths to safeguard the protection of people. Also, the PIPL awards people the option to get to, right, and erase their own information, including Behavioral biometrics.
  • Resistance to the PIPL can bring about critical punishments, including fines of up to CNY 50 million (roughly USD 7.7 million) or up to 5% of the organization’s yearly income. Organizations may likewise confront suspension of their business tasks or even criminal risk for serious infringement of the law.

Major Development in the Behavioral Biometrics Market

Report Highlights

Report Attributes          Details
CAGR 23 %
Market Forecast (2029) USD 7.85 Billion
Current Market Size (2022) USD 1.22 Billion
Dominating Segment
Major Players Profiled BioCatch (Israel), SecureAuth Inc. (USA), Appgate, LexisNexis (United States), BehavioSec Inc. (USA), Simprints (UK), TypingDNA (United States), Plurilock (Canada), ThreatMark (Czeh Republic), Zighra (Canada), Accertify, Guardian Analytics (United States), Lovation (USA), UnifyId (United States), Kount (United States).
Base Year 2022


Behavioral Biometrics Market Key Players

Below are the most prominent enterprise Behavioral Biometrics industry players.

  • BioCatch (Israel)
  • SecureAuth Inc. (United States)
  • Appgate (USA)
  • LexisNexis (United States)
  • BehavioSec Inc. (United States)
  • Simprints (UK)
  • TypingDNA (United States)
  • Plurilock (Canada)
  • ThreatMark (Czeh Republic)
  • Zighra (Canada)
  • Accertify (United States)
  • Guardian Analytics
  • Kount (USA)
  • Lovation (United States)
  • UnifyId (United States)

Behavioral Biometrics Market Key Business Segments

By Product Type

  • On-premises
  • Cloud

By End Use Application

  • Access Control Systems
  • Ecommerce and Retail
  • Banks and other Financial Institutions
  • Government Facilities
  • Defence
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications


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Behavioral Biometrics Market  

Market Growth Drivers

  • The worldwide interest in Behavioral Biometrics is ascending because of a few factors, for example, the developing requirement for network safety, the growing internet business industry, and the rising use of e-banking administrations. With the ascent of innovation, cybercrimes have likewise flooded, bringing about more popularity for digital protection arrangements.
  • Behavioral Biometrics offers powerful answers for guaranteeing network safety, and therefore, numerous monetary organizations and internet business organizations are coordinating it into their activities to forestall misrepresentation and protect clients. Moreover, Behavioral Biometrics is turning out to be progressively predominant in access control frameworks for both private and business purposes.
  • The notoriety of Behavioral biometrics is additionally because of its adaptability, accommodation, and productivity in overseeing and guaranteeing security, prompting the development of the market.

Influencing Trends

  • The financial business is progressively taking on conduct biometrics to upgrade security and give a consistent client experience. Banks overall are searching for more complex, aggressive, and versatile answers for supplant PIN/secret key and increment comfort for day-to-day financial activities. As cybercrime and misrepresentation proceed to increment, and versatile banking turns out to be more well known, clients request further developed eBanking security.
  • Clients are likewise worn out on awkward client/name secret word validation techniques, and this has prompted expanded interest for social biometric-based arrangements by the financial business. Behavioral Biometrics assist manages an account with meeting administrative prerequisites for solid client confirmation while giving a great client experience.


  • The development of the worldwide Behavioral Biometrics market is frustrated by different difficulties in various sorts of biometrics. In voice biometrics, the exactness and unwavering quality are low because of high paces of non-coordinating. This can be brought about by factors like disease or throat contamination which influence voice acknowledgment. Keystroke investigation is helpless against double dealing and has a high pace of misleading acknowledgments and dismissals, making it less solid.
  • Signature acknowledgment likewise has a serious level of non-matching rates as marks can be impacted by disease and may change over the long haul. Moreover, organizations in this market need to comply with various guidelines set by different nations across the world about Behavioral Biometrics and the secrecy of the information being gathered.


  • Throughout the course of recent years, there has been a huge flood in extortion and record robbery occurrences, including character misrepresentation cases and extortion in P2P installment frameworks. This has prompted a rising number of associations universally hoping to embrace Behavioral Biometrics as a way to improve safety efforts for both themselves and their clients.
  • Accordingly, the Behavioral biometrics market is ready for significant development before very long. HTF Market Knowledge follows an engaged and sensible exploration system that gives the capacity to concentrate on the pivotal market elements in a few districts across the world. Besides, a top-to-bottom evaluation is generally led by our examiners on geological districts to give clients and organizations the chance to rule in specialty showcases and grow in developing business sectors across the globe.
  • This statistical surveying concentrate additionally features the precipitously changing players’ scene affecting the development of the market. Moreover, our economic analysts broadly break down the items and administrations presented by various players contending to expand their piece of the pie and presence.


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