Cross Border Logistics Market Shaping from Growth to Value| Aramex, CJ Logistics, DHL

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Updated · May 08, 2023

Cross Border Logistics Market Shaping from Growth to Value| Aramex, CJ Logistics, DHL

Published Via 11Press : The market for cross-border logistics, which is presently valued at USD 166.15 Mn, is predicted to expand at a rate of 4.44% and reach USD 1337.83 Mn by 2028.

As a result of the financial potential of the cross-border logistics market, logistics firms are swarming to offer specialized services. Because it links manufacturers and retailers, logistics plays a crucial role in the global economic cycle. In order to satisfy consumer needs, it is the process of organizing, implementing, and managing the efficient, effective movement and storage of goods, services, and related information from the point of origin to the site of consumption.

Additionally, logistics plays a significant role in the pharmaceutical industry because time is of the essence in many of its activities. The spectacular expansion of the end-use sector globally, the rising demand for outsourcing logistics operations among various firms, and the expansion of the geographic reach of the major players are some of the major factors boosting the market’s growth. The two biggest trends in the market right now are the rising demand for the newest consumer goods and the development of artificial intelligence. However, managing temperature-controlled warehouses and various government regulations present significant market challenges. Additionally, it is anticipated that developing nations will open up lucrative market opportunities during the forecast period

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Cross Border Logistics Market

Cross Border Logistics Market Key Players

  • Aramex (United Arab Emirates),
  • H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. (United States),
  • CJ Logistics Corporation (South Korea),
  • DHL (Germany),
  • FedEx (United States),
  • XPO Logistics (United States),
  • United Parcel Service of America, Inc. (United States),
  • COYOTE (United States),
  • Blue Dart Express Limited (India),
  • DSV(Denmark),
  • DB Schenker (Germany),
  • Expeditors International of Washington (United States),
  • Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (Germany),
  • Arrive Logistics (United States).

Cross Border Logistics Market Key Business Segments

By Product Type

  • Transportation,
  • Warehousing,
  • Others

By End Use Application

  • B2B,
  • B2G,
  • B2B2C

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Market Growth Drivers

  • Expanding Logistics Sector Globally As their disposable incomes and urban populations increase, people in emerging nations are discovering new forms of leisure, such as hanging out in pubs, lounges, and bars. Young adults with disposable income, easy access to alcoholic beverages, and social media impact are other apparent factors boosting Cross Border Logistics sales.
  • Cross Border Logistics consumption is rising in metropolitan areas as a result of high-pressure occupations and the idea that drinking alcohol calms the mind.
  • The introduction of new products is one of the main drivers fueling the expansion of the global cross-border logistics market.
  • Players utilize well-known tactics like product creation and product offering expansion to boost demand for alcoholic beverages, including

Influencing Trends

  • The Rise of Logistics Automation In logistics, automation, often known as automatic control, refers to the use of machinery, software, or control systems to increase operational effectiveness. In a warehouse or distribution center, it typically refers to procedures that must be completed with the least amount of human involvement.
  • In fact, many operations along a supply chain, including procurement, distribution, customer support, reverse logistics, etc., might be automated. For instance, Stock Logistics provides fully automated warehousing and distribution services for both dry and chilled freight across all industries.


  • Controlling temperature is difficult. The majority of goods must be transported from the maker to the final consumer at a certain temperature. This is done to guarantee that the products will benefit the final consumers.
  • Nevertheless, there are advantages and disadvantages to shipping goods by air, sea, rail, and road. It is really difficult to use the technology that is now accessible.
  • When a product’s storage temperature is exceeded or vice versa, some items degrade. An array of temperature-controlled containers are being produced as a result of the evolving regulatory landscape, the rise of sophisticated temperature-sensitive treatments, and the growth of specialized transportation firms.


  • Asia Pacific region’s emerging cross-border logistics The logistics and transportation sectors have seen significant change as a result of cross-border logistics and the growth of e-commerce in the Asia Pacific area. About 59 percent of the world’s primary production, such as mining, is produced in the Asia Pacific region. Roughly half of the world’s plastics are produced in Asia.
  • With China and India seeing the quickest national growth, Asia is currently and will remain the region with the greatest rate of growth for plastic packaging. With a population that is expanding quickly in Asia and a booming economy, there will likely be a shift in consumption patterns away from spending on necessities and toward discretionary purchases, which will drive up demand for online shopping.


  • Various Rules Established by Governmental Agencies Heavy investment in technology and R&D has led to the introduction of numerous new goods and services as well as the expansion of their reach into new markets.
  • The number of regulating entities enforcing various regulations has increased along with the number of products and the scope of those products. Consistent efforts have been made to harmonize the numerous regulatory organizations, and the process is still ongoing.
  • The Good Distribution Practise (GDP) rules for diverse human-use items have been expanded to embrace over-the-counter medications and have temperature limits for their transportation.
  • Today, the vast majority of goods need to be transported in temperature-controlled conditions to many different locations. Consequently, many industries must comply with this requirement to avoid incurring losses due to spoilt cargo.

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Report Highlights

Report Attributes Details
CAGR 4.44%
Market Forecast (2029) USD 1337.83 Mn
Current Market Size (2022) USD 166.15 Mn
Dominating Segment Transportation
Major Players Profiled C.H. Robinson Worldwide, CJ Logistics Corporation, DHL, FedEx, XPO Logistics, United Parcel Service of America, Inc., COYOTE, Blue Dart Express Limited, DSV, DB Schenker , Aramex, Expeditors International of Washington, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Arrive Logistics.
Base Year 2022

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 The Global Cross Border Logistics Market Study’s main highlights are:

  • Market CAGR from 2022 to 2029, the anticipated projection period
  • Detailed information on the market drivers for cross-border logistics in the upcoming years.
  • Forecast of the size of the global cross-border logistics market and its contribution to the parent market by type, application, and nation. Detailed insights on future trends and shifting consumer behavior.
  • a thorough analysis of consumer demand Discovers the market’s competitive environment and comprehensive data on different companies.
  • Detailed information on the variables that will hinder the expansion of participants in cross-border logistics

Important Triggers and Transformation:

A number of significant catalysts have coincidentally come into play, causing business transformation to become widespread across the corporate landscape, including:

  • An important slowdown in Western economies
  • Significant changes in technology and cost structure
  • Difficulties in complying with regulations
  • The emergence of new forms of competition

Principal points of the report:                 

  • Cross Border Logistics Market Performance (2018-2022)
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Cross Border Logistics Detailed competitive landscape
  • Cross Border Logistics Market Outlook (2023-2028)
  • Cross Border Logistics Market Trends
  • Cross Border Logistics Market Drivers and Success Factors

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