Curtain Airbags Market to Get an Explosive Growth in Near Future

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Updated · Jul 30, 2023

Curtain Airbags Market to Get an Explosive Growth in Near Future

Published Via 11Press : The side airbags known as “curtain airbags” are designed to protect the head of the occupant in the case of an accident. They instantly come on at the door rail above the window in the event of a side impact collision. In the case of a collision, such airbags operate as a barrier between the occupants and the windows. The airbag system consists of several components, such as airbag modules, crash sensors, diagnostic monitoring units, steering wheel connecting coils, and indication lights. Curtain airbags are included in the roof sides, front, and rear pillars.

It deploys concurrently with the side airbag during a side collision to shield the head of the driver or passenger and lessen the damage. SUVs and vans have used curtain airbags the most frequently when compared to other vehicle classes. The market analyzed throughout the projection period is anticipated to develop, nevertheless, as a result of the increasing deployment of curtain airbags in everything from minicars to heavy-duty trucks over the next years and the tightening of safety standards for all vehicle types. As road accidents rise, automakers are now required to provide airbags. Furthermore, it is projected that throughout the forecast period, increased public awareness and technical developments would drive the worldwide market for vehicle curtain airbags.

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Attributes Details
Study Period 2018-2029
Base Year 2022
Unit Value (USD M)
Key Companies Profiled Visteon (US), ZF- TRW (US), Hyundai Mobis (South Korea), Autoliv, Inc. (Sweden), Continental AG (Germany), Takata (Japan), Toray Industries, Inc. (Japan), DENSO CORPORATION (Japan), Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany), Toshiba Corporation (Japan)

The report offers Major leading Key players:

  • Takata
  • ZF- TRW
  • Autoliv
  • Visteon
  • Continental
  • Toray Industries
  • Robert Bosch
  • Toshiba
  • Hyundai Mobis

By Application:

  • Head Curtain
  • Tors Curtain
  • Other

By Type:

  • Passenger Vehicle
  • Light Commercial Vehicle
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicle

Curtain Airbags Market

  • The market for curtain airbags is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.56% from 2017 to 2029, according to HTF MI. Significant technology developments in the trade vehicle business are the main cause of this rise.
  • Curtain airbags are designed to protect the driver’s and passenger’s heads in the event of an accident. operating a curtain airbag The curtain airbag quickly deploys from the top of the door rails over the side window in the case of a side impact collision. If the car rolls over, they hold their place and provide a cushion between the driver or passenger and the window to protect their head.
  • We’ve already spoken about how side curtain airbags were first developed to save occupants’ heads and necks in side impact collisions by completely encasing all windows and pillar trim. But there’s more than that. Here are several other methods in which these airbags can shield occupants.

Major Development Activities in the Market:

  • On October 26th, 2022, ARC Automotive and Yanfeng will launch their joint venture for inflator devices. Earlier this year announced joint venture would conduct research, produce, and sell inflators for vehicle airbag applications under the name YFA Vehicle Safety. At the company’s production site in Skopje, North Macedonia, today’s formal ARC launching event was held with participation from prominent people from China, the US, and other countries.
  • This joint company, which 400 employees from ARC Automotive in Skopje share, has contemporary equipment and 22,000 square meters of manufacturing lines. The joint company intends to hire 100 more people in North Macedonia during the subsequent four years. With the new business, ARC will be able to better support its customers and European OEMs while also growing its presence there.

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Market Growth Drivers:

  • In the trade vehicle business, significant technical developments. The driver and passenger’s heads are to be protected by curtain airbags in the event of a collision. activates the curtain airbag When a side-impact accident occurs, the curtain airbag rapidly deploys from the top of the door rails over the side window.
  • If the car flips over, they hold their posture to protect their head and put a cushion between the driver or passenger and the window. We’ve previously spoken about how the original purpose of side curtain airbags was to completely cover all the windows and pillar trim in side impact incidents to protect the heads and necks of passengers. Even so, there’s more. These airbags can safeguard passengers in several ways, as follows.


  • According to reforms made by the Indian government, airbags are now a serious problem for the whole vehicle industry. Starting on October 1, 2022, the government wants to force automakers to install six airbags, but inclement weather may prevent them from working. The auto industry has expressed concerns about the creation of airbag capacity, which requires eight airbags to protect the occupants from frontal and side impacts due to a shortage of semiconductors, and worries about automakers’ ability to modify their vehicles to accommodate the projected six airbags within the necessary timeframe.
  • Automakers are approaching the government through the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) to inquire about the possibility of postponing the notification’s implementation date owing to a variety of circumstances, such as the availability of airbags, rising costs, and a shortage of semiconductors.


  • The need for airbags is rising as governments throughout the world impose stricter safety regulations. SUV sales are on the rise as a result of their increased headroom and space for curtain airbags. Because of better designs and materials, airbag technology has advanced to provide lighter, more effective airbags. growth in emerging markets.
  • Airbag manufacturers will have new chances as emerging markets create more automobiles at a rapid rate. Airbags and other safety features in cars are in greater demand as a result of rising consumer safety consciousness.

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  • For the market for curtain airbags, HTF MI has used a focused and useful research methodology that permits the examination of the relevant market dynamics in a number of foreign markets. Additionally, in order to give clients and businesses the possibility to succeed in specialized Curtain Airbags Market marketplaces and grow in developing nations, our analysts focus heavily on doing in-depth research on geographical locations.
  • The research of the worldwide curtain airbags market also reveals how changing player dynamics are impacting the industry’s growth. Our market researchers also carefully review the products and services supplied by different businesses competing for market domination in the curtain airbags market.

Individualization of the Report

  • Along with thorough market estimations, HTF MI also provides extensive value-added analyses on the following subjects: Curtain Airbags Market: Growth Drivers and Restrictions: Market Maturity Indicators
  • A study of the obstacles to entrance and departure for new players in the curtain airbags sector to seize lucrative market opportunities. Key Business Segments, Market Position, and Gap Analysis in the Curtain Airbags Industry
  • An Objective View of Market Performance Indicators
  • A Study on Curtain Airbags sheds light on the current state and essential aspects of the Curtain Airbags Market against this difficult backdrop. The Curtain Airbags business participants were surveyed by analysts from HTF MI to put an end to this. The resulting picture provides a foundation for understanding why and how the sector is likely to evolve.
  • direction and growth trend of the curtain airbags business. Financial analysis, polls, and industry consultants are used to reach conclusions.
  • How can each company in this diversified group of businesses negotiate the developing competitive environment of the curtain airbags market and employ a business plan to maintain and advance the position they may claim or seize the fresh potential opportunity?

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