External Lightning Protection and Grounding Systems Market to Witness Garner Bursting Revenues in Years to Come

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Updated · May 23, 2023

External Lightning Protection and Grounding Systems Market to Witness Garner Bursting Revenues in Years to Come

Published Via 11Press : According to HTF Market Intelligence, the market for External Lightning Protection & Grounding Systems is expected to register a CAGR of 5.38% during the forecast period to 2029.

To more clearly depict the competitive landscape, the most recent study on the China External Lightning Protection & Grounding Systems Market is being done to give performance analysis of underrated External Lightning Protection & Grounding Systems. To determine the revenue size breakdown of the China market by important business categories and end-use applications, the study uses a combination of quantitative market statistics and qualitative information. The study bridges the historical data from 2018 to 2022 and forecasted till 2029*, the outbreak of the latest scenario in External Lightning Protection & Grounding Systems market has made companies uncertain about their future outlook due to a serious economic slump.

External Lightning Protection & Grounding Systems Industry Background:

According to the Chinese government, innovation serves as the primary engine of economic growth. China’s government announced in 2006 that it intended to make the country a modern society by 2020 and a global leader in research and technology by 2050. The government’s ongoing increase in R&D investment and supporting legislation show the significant emphasis on innovation. The earthing system, down-conductors, and intercepting systems make up the exterior lightning protection system. With these parts, it can carry out the tasks that are required of it, including deflecting direct lightning hits, releasing the lightning current to earth, and dispersing it across the ground. Lightning damage to a structure can result in fires, explosions, chemical releases, or mechanical disturbances. Lightning strikes and surge voltages destroy property and endanger lives every year. Financial loss and severe inconvenience result from electrical equipment failure.

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Attributes Details
Study Period 2019-2029
Base Year 2022
Current Value (2022) USD 2917.7 M
Unit Value (USD M)
Key Companies Profiled Lightning Protection International Pty Ltd ( LPI ), Sichuan Zhongguang Lightning Protection Technologies Co., Ltd, TS Lightning Protection Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Chennuo Machinery Technology Co. Ltd., nVent Electric plc, Hangzhou Yongde Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd, ALLTEC, Kumwell Corporation Limited, Xinchang Shibang New Material Co., Ltd., Fatech Electronic CO., LTD., OBO Bettermann Holding GmbH & Co KG, Shenzhen Techwin Lightning Technologies, ABB Furse, Liva Group Electrics Electronics Construction Co. Ltd., Xinchang Shibang New Material Co., Ltd., Shengzhou Zhongzhi New Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Leitai Electrical Co. Ltd., SANKOSHA Corporation, DEHN SE + Co KG, Dietzel GmbH, Zhejiang Sentuo Electric Co., Ltd.,

External Lightning Protection & Grounding Systems Market Key Business Segments:


  • Lightning Protection System
  • Grounding System

By Application:

  • Commercial Construction
  • Energy, Infrastructure
  • Oil & Gas/Petrochemicals
  • Government & Public Sector
  • Residential
  • External Lightning Protection & Grounding Systems
  • This increase is mostly driven by The ongoing rise of sustainable energy technologies, eco-friendly building materials, and smart structure automation has prompted updates and complicated changes to the electrical infrastructure of today’s houses and buildings. Smart buildings generally rely on advanced energy gathering techniques since they have many linked systems and a high degree of automation. Many of the newest homes and buildings are considered smarter because they have sustainable energy technology and wireless communication built into almost all aspects of the infrastructure.
  • Towers used for cellular, microwave, and television broadcasting are extremely tall buildings erected in far-off places. The sensitivity of all electronic and control equipment to air discharges and electromagnetic inductions is quite high.Globally, a notable market tendency is present The sector in the Asia Pacific region has been increasing at a robust rate, and further growth is expected to be witnessed during the forecasted period till 2029, owing to the R&D investments and expansion cycle.

Influencing Trend:

  • Advanced electronic-controlling systems are being developed with the continuously expanding new technology for electrical parts, smart lighting, and smart appliances. In simpler times, the use of relays, contactors, rheostats, and hard-wired switches took care of most residential lightning- and appliance-controlling applications.
  • The majority of the electronics in modern appliances is placed on printed circuit boards, and nearly all of them are now controlled electronically. This may explain why sophisticated and more efficient operating choices are packed into a small area. Surge protection devices (SPDs) are widely used by households to protect expensive gadgets including televisions, laptops, and audio equipment. These fixtures feature many outlets and are placed at the point of usage. The various parts are plugged into the surge protector, which is plugged into a wall outlet.

Market Growth Drivers:

  • Modern houses and buildings’ electrical infrastructure has needed extensive modifications due to the ongoing development of sustainable energy technologies, eco-friendly building materials, and smart structure automation. Smart buildings generally rely on advanced energy gathering techniques since they have many linked systems and a high degree of automation. Many of the most recent homes and structures are seen as smarter since wireless communication and sustainable energy technologies are integrated into nearly every component of the infrastructure.
  • The lightning usually hits the sharpest and tallest object in an area because ground charges emitted from objects with high elevations reach to opposite charged streamers of the cloud earlier than the charges from any shorter object. Cellular, microwave, and television broadcasting telecommunication towers are very high structures, placed in remote locations. The sensitivity of all electronic and control equipment to air discharges and electromagnetic inductions is quite high.


  • Technologies for lightning protection are important for the security of crucial installations and with an increase in new electrical goods and equipment. Although many nations have national laws and regulations governing the setup and creation of lightning protection devices. Due to the disparity in standards, manufacturers in the lightning protection technologies market find it difficult to supply the same product in several markets. GB standards are the China national standards, prefix code GB are mandatory standards which should be followed. The specification for the structure’s lightning protection system is GB/T 21431-2015.


  • The requirements for overvoltage surge protection depend on the physical characteristics, geographic location, and system configuration, and they should be implemented in accordance with fixing requirements. Additionally, the system insurer demands overvoltage protection in accordance with national technical requirements and building rules. Such systems are required for particular building types, such hospitals. The systems are installed per the insurer’s standards. In any instance, doing a risk analysis is advised. The expenses for lightning and overvoltage safety measures are less than the damage that is foreseeable, depending on the likelihood of a lightning strike during the system’s operational period and the damage that would ensue.
  • High ground resistance and lead inductance significantly reduce surge suppression’s effectiveness. The common terminal of the lightning arresters is connected to the grounding terminal of the modifier secondary windings. The transient voltages on the ground line, which are linked to the surge destruction devices, both lessen the effectiveness of the devices and prevent damage due to their combined properties.
  • The best way to ensure the lowest risk exposure to transient overvoltage events, regardless of whether they are brought on by load switching or lightning sources, is to utilise physical lightning protection, a high-integrity single-point grounding system, and adequate surge protection. Power system change is accelerating due to the emergence of low-cost wind and solar energy, the use of distributed energy resources (DER), and rising digitalization. Significant economic and environmental advantages will result from increasing power trading and extending regional transmission interconnection,
  • HTF Market Intelligence has followed a focused and realistic research framework for External Lightning Protection & Grounding Systems Market that provides the ability to study the relevant market dynamics in various regions across the globe.
  • Our researchers also undertake thorough analyses of specific geographic areas in order to give customers and companies the chance to lead in new markets and grow in developed ones for external lightning protection and grounding systems. The study of the China external lightning protection & grounding systems market also demonstrates how the shifting player dynamics are influencing the market’s expansion.

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