Industrial Heaters Market Scenario – The Competition Is Rising| Wattco, VOLTON, Chromalox

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Updated · May 31, 2023

Industrial Heaters Market Scenario – The Competition Is Rising| Wattco, VOLTON, Chromalox

Published Via 11Press : According to HTF Market Intelligence, the market for Canada Industrial Heaters is expected to register a CAGR of 5.25% during the forecast period to 2029.

Industrial Heaters Industry Background: In many situations where it is necessary to increase the temperature of a procedure or an item, industrial heaters are used. Electricity, steam, and fuels including coal, biomass, fuel oils, and natural gas are only a few of the sources of energy. For example, heat tracing may be required to prevent a pipe from freezing in the winter. Lubricating oil must also be warmed before being given to a machine. Industrial electric heaters work by transforming electrical energy into heat. A variety of heat transfer techniques are then used to convey the heat to the process.

The innovative HELIMAX electric immersion heater was introduced in 2021 by Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company, a top producer of industrial heaters, and is intended for process heating applications in the oil and gas, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors.

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Regulatory Insights:

To guard against potential risks brought on by industrial heating systems, governments enforce safety rules in buildings, on the public, and for workers. These rules could provide specifications for the design, installation, use, upkeep, and inspection of equipment. It is essential for producers and end users of industrial heaters to adhere to safety regulations, such as those established by occupational safety and health agencies. To cut down on energy use, carbon emissions, and operating expenses, governments promote energy efficiency. Energy efficiency laws that set minimum requirements, call for the adoption of particular technologies, or mandate energy-saving practises may apply to industrial heaters. Energy efficiency testing and heater labeling may be required to comply with these rules, which can be mandatory for manufacturers.


Attributes Details
Study Period 2018-2029
Base Year 2022
Forecast Period 2023-2029
Volume Unit K Units
Value Unit USD (Million)
Scope customization With the purchase of the Industrial Heaters Market report, receive customization. Subject to practicality, you can include or modify a country, or area, or acquire a more detailed segmentation in the final output.

The report offers several leading players-

  • ASB Heating Elements (Canada)
  • Ouellet Canada Inc. (Canada)
  • Flagro Industries Ltd. (Canada)
  • Wattco (Canada)
  • VOLTON (Canada)
  • Bucan Electric Heating Devices Inc. (Canada)
  • OMEGA Engineering (United, States)
  • Chromalox (United States)
  • Indeeco (United States)
  • Watlow (United States)
  • Detroit Radiant Products Company (United States)

By Type

  • Corrugation Heater
  • Immersion Heaters
  • Space Heaters
  • Cartridge Heaters
  • Cartridge Heaters
  • Tubular Heaters
  • Flameproof Heaters
  • Custom Built Heaters
  • Strip and Band Heaters

By Application

  • Cement Curing
  • Plastic Forming
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Plant Services Heating
  • Air Cleaning/Heating Desiccant Drying
  • Paint and Powder Coat Drying

By Technology

  • Fuel Based
  • Electricity Based
  • Steam Based
  • Hybrid Based

By Distribution Channel

  • Online Store
  • Offline Store

Influencing Trend:

  • Industrial operations are placing more and more attention on energy efficiency in order to cut costs and minimize the environmental effect. As a result, there is a growing need for energy-efficient industrial heaters that maximize heat transfer, cut down on heat loss, and use cutting-edge insulating materials. Goals for sustainability and legal obligations are in line with this trend.
  • Smart and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are being incorporated with industrial heaters to allow for remote monitoring, control, and optimization.
  • IoT-enabled heaters may collect real-time data on temperature, energy usage, and performance, enabling operators to improve heating operations, find issues, and cut down on maintenance downtime. With the ability to foresee maintenance needs, this trend improves operational effectiveness.

Market Growth Drivers:

  • The growth and industrialization of numerous industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical, and food processing, are what is driving the demand for industrial heaters. These heaters are essential in industrial processes that entail heating, drying, melting, and maintaining a set temperature.
  • Energy efficiency is increasingly a major factor in the industrial heaters market. As focus is paid to reducing energy use and carbon emissions, the need for energy-efficient heaters is growing. Energy-efficient heaters follow regulations and goals for environmental sustainability in addition to cutting expenses.


  • Industrial heater producers may face difficulties as a result of increasingly strict environmental rules that are meant to cut emissions and increase energy efficiency. To create environmentally friendly and energy-efficient heating systems, compliance with these laws may necessitate large investments in research and development.
  • The cost of manufacturing industrial heaters might change depending on the price of raw materials such as metals, alloys, insulating materials, and heating elements. In order to maintain pricing consistency and market profitability, manufacturers must control the volatility of raw material prices.


  • Particularly for large-scale applications, industrial heaters can demand a sizable initial expenditure. Industrial heating systems, along with the related controls and infrastructure, can be expensive to buy and install. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and industries with tight budgets may find it difficult to compete due to this hefty initial cost.
  • Industrial heaters might cost more to operate and maintain over time in addition to the initial outlay. The total cost of ownership includes the use of energy, upkeep, and replacement of heating elements or components. When determining whether to construct or upgrade heating systems, industries must take these expenses into account.


  • Energy-efficient industrial heater producers will benefit from the increased attention being paid to sustainability and energy efficiency. Creating and advertising heaters that are highly efficient, minimize heat loss, and optimize energy use might draw environmentally minded industries looking to lower their carbon footprint and energy expenditures.
  • Many of the industrial heating systems currently in use are obsolete and ineffective. The substantial potential exists to provide retrofit and upgrade solutions that improve the functionality, energy efficiency, and control capacities of these systems. For enterprises wishing to enhance their heating processes without investing in whole new systems, retrofitting current heaters with cutting-edge controls, insulation, and heating components can offer affordable options.

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Study on Industrial Heaters Provides Insight Against Difficult Background:

— Current conditions and significant features of the industrial heaters market. The Industrial Heaters business players were surveyed by analysts from HTF Market Intelligence to put an end to this. The final picture provides a foundation for understanding why and how the industrial heaters sector is anticipated to evolve.

— The future direction of the industrial heaters sector. Financial analyses, surveys, and expert interviews provide insights.

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