ISO Container Market 2023: Exceeding Expectations

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Updated · Jun 27, 2023

ISO Container Market 2023: Exceeding Expectations

Published Via 11Press : A standardized shipping container known as an ISO container is used to move products and commodities by sea, rail, and/or road. The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) established standards for the design and construction of ISO containers, ensuring that they are compatible with a variety of modes of transportation and can be easily transferred between them without the need for repacking. Steel or aluminum is used to make ISO containers. They can be stacked and secured during transit because of their standardized dimensions, corner fittings, and locking mechanisms. To handle diverse types of goods, ISO containers are also fitted with a variety of characteristics including insulation, ventilation systems, and refrigeration units.

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Attributes Details
Study Period 2018-2028
Base Year 2022
Forecast Period 2023-2028
Value Unit USD (Million)
Customization in Scope Buy the ISO Container Market Study and receive customization. Subject to practicality, the final deliverable may include more portions, a different nation, or both.

Major players such as:

  • Tankformator (Singapore)
  • Danteco Industries (Netherlands)
  • Meeberg (Netherlands)
  • Bulkhaul (United Kingdom)
  • CIMC (China)
  • Stolt Nielsen (United Kingdom)
  • Hoyer Group (Germany)
  • Newport Tank (Netherlands)
  • Welfitody (South Africa)
  • TAL International Group (United States)

Breakdown by Type:

  • Flat racks
  • Open-top
  • Dry freight
  • Insulated

By Transportation Mode:

  • Road
  • Rail
  • Marine
  • Airways

By End Use:

  • Chemicals
  • PetroChemical
  • Food & Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Industrial Gas

To develop containerized chemical transportation in the United States, MOL Logistics Company Limited (MLG) and Nippon Concept Corporation jointly founded MOL Logistics (MLGTC) on February 7th, 2022. As Nichicon’s high-quality chemical transportation services and global network are combined with MLG’s needs to create safer, better, and less stressful chemical transportation services globally, MLGTC will broaden its cooperation areas worldwide, including Europe. A number of international businesses are vying for market share in the fiercely competitive ISO container market. Tankformator, Danteco Industries, and Meeberg are all part of the ISO container market. Players in the market compete fiercely on a variety of fronts, including price, quality, innovation, and customer service.

Market Growth Drivers:

  • The aforementioned factors—growing demand in international trade and advances in containerization—are what is fueling the ISO Container market’s expansion.
  • The ISO Container market is significantly influenced by international trade.
  • The shipping business has undergone a revolution because of the adoption of ISO containers, which have made it quicker, safer, and more effective.
  • The need for ISO containers has increased as a result of the expansion of global trade, particularly in emerging nations.
  • Due to its many benefits, including quicker travel times, less cargo damage, and reduced prices, the containerization of freight has grown in popularity.
  • The standardization of containerization has been made possible by the use of ISO containers, making it simpler and more effective.

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  • Due to a number of difficulties, the expansion of the ISO Container industry is decreasing.
  • High initial outlay and constrained capability. For certain businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, the price of obtaining ISO containers might be a considerable obstacle. For businesses wishing to enter the shipping sector, the high upfront cost of ISO containers can be a substantial barrier.
  • Although ISO containers come in a variety of sizes, they have a smaller carrying capacity than other modes of cargo transportation like bulk carriers. For corporations wishing to carry big amounts of freight, this may be a limitation.
  • Because there is a finite quantity of ISO containers worldwide, there may be shortages during times of heightened demand.


  • Due to new shipping routes, growing demand for chilled containers, and other considerations, the market for ISO containers is poised for significant expansion.
  • The creation of new shipping lanes, particularly in developing economies, offers the ISO container industry a chance.
  • The need for ISO containers is anticipated to increase with the growth of commerce in these areas.
  • The market for ISO containers has a chance due to the increase in demand for perishable products like food and medicines.
  • As the demand for these commodities rises, more chilled containers, or “reefers,” are anticipated to be used.
  • The ISO container business has a chance because of technological developments like real-time tracking and remote monitoring of containers.

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Data Sources of ISO Container Market Study:

  • For the ISO Container Market, HTF Market Intelligence has employed a targeted and practical research strategy that enables analysis of the pertinent market dynamics in numerous global regions.
  • Additionally, our experts do thorough analyses of certain geographic areas in order to give customers and companies the chance to triumph in ISO Container Market niche markets and grow in developing nations.
  • The studies of the global ISO container market also demonstrate how uneven player dynamics are influencing the industry’s expansion.
  • Additionally, our market analysts thoroughly examine the goods and services provided by various ISO Container industry companies as they compete to gain market share and dominance.

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