Liquid Nitrogen Market Current Scenario and Future Prospects

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Updated · Jun 12, 2023

Liquid Nitrogen Market Current Scenario and Future Prospects

Published Via 11Press : A temperature of 196 °C is reached by the liquid nitrogen, an inert cryogenic fluid. Concrete is pushed directly into the batch water storage tank, the aggregate, or the mixer using lances to lower the temperature as much as possible without causing it to freeze. Due to its broad use in a variety of fields, including cryotherapy for the treatment of skin defects, branding for cattle, cooling, and the cryopreservation of biological materials like eggs, the demand for liquid nitrogen has been growing. When additional cooling methods are required to decrease the concrete temperature, liquid nitrogen can be deployed at a project or factory and kept at the batch plant or on the project site. In medical research laboratories and experimental labs in educational institutions, liquid nitrogen plays a significant role. The effectiveness of the manufacturers’ handling and safety procedures as well as the efficiency of the supply chain dynamics have an impact on the market’s growth.

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Liquid Nitrogen Market Report Highlights:

Attributes Details
Study Period 2028
Base Year 2022
Unit Value (USD Million)
Key Companies Profiled Air Products and Chemicals, Beavermatic, Rigaku, Airgas, an Air Liquide company, Praxair, Seprasol Liquid/Gas Coalescers, SAE Manufacturing Specialties, Mil-Spec Industries

Liquid Nitrogen Market Breakdown:

By Application:

  • Chemistry Labs
  • Superconductors and Vacuum pumps
  • Medical institutions
  • Food and Beverage Industry

By Sales Channel:

  • Retail Stores
  • Institutional Sales

By Storage:

  • Cylinder
  • Packaged Gas
  • Merchant Liquid/Bulk

As companies in the liquid nitrogen market adopt new tactics, it is anticipated that the competition will get even more fierce in the upcoming years. Liquid Nitrogen research report delivers information on the competitive environment and the product/service offerings of top firms to assist customers in increasing their revenue shares in the sector. In order to maximize the benefits of growth prospects, this liquid nitrogen market study also offers techniques that competitors can use and indicates crucial areas they should concentrate on.

The report offers several leading players:

  • Air Products and Chemicals
  • Rigaku
  • Airgas, an Air Liquide company
  • Praxair
  • Beavermatic
  • Seprasol Liquid/Gas Coalescers
  • SAE Manufacturing Specialties
  • Mil-Spec Industries

Market Overview:

  • On August 2nd, Linde India and HPS Gases, Vadodara, India, signed a business transfer agreement under which Linde India would pay a total cash consideration of Rs. 27.5 crores to purchase HPS Gases’ entire packaged gases business as well as some distribution assets.
  • One of the most prominent and long-standing industrial gas players in Western India has been HPS Gases since 1988.
  • In connection with this transaction, the firm will also enter into agreements with HPS Gases for the supply and purchase of goods as well as asset purchase and non-competition agreements.
  • A long-term agreement will be made between Linde India and HPS Gases for the acquisition of packaged and mini-bulk gases.
  • The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration of the United States Department of Transportation granted permission on May 3, 2021, to manufacture, brand, and distribute portable vacuum-insulated tanks for use in commercial transportation.
  • Companies must abide by specific regulations under the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR). The safety and packaging procedures also highlighted the main emphasis points that needed to be followed.
  • All users of hazardous materials, such as liquid nitrogen, are required by this rule to undergo particular training.
  • The end users’ education and awareness are more heavily emphasized to achieve the highest level of health safety.
  • The pressure on the relevant regulatory agency to comply with legal requirements has increased. The enterprises are receiving recommendations from government or institutional entities, demonstrating a growing dependence on their goods and meeting market demands.
  • When making business agreements with end users, raising awareness about avoiding employing cryogenic liquids like liquid nitrogen in a closed system is given priority. This market might solely use a B2B approach going forward.

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Influencing Trend:

  • The FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) has permitted the use of liquid nitrogen in developing countries like India since 2011, but its extensive implementation in a variety of industries has only started.
  • As the healthcare industry has grown, there is a greater demand for animal genetics cryopreservation as well as other medical purposes.
  • In order to meet these healthcare and medical needs, liquid nitrogen is performing a crucial supplementary role.
  • A fire extinguisher is required in almost every workplace, educational institution, and public space, and these cylinders require liquid nitrogen.
  • By accelerating the rate and duration of liquid nitrogen injection, a fire can be put out faster.

Market Growth Drivers:

  • Instant coolant technology is becoming more and more necessary in sectors like health and medicine, food and beverage production, etc.
  • This is used in medicine to collect blood, store it, and treat various ailments by using cryogenic materials to lessen inflammatory reactions.
  • As a result, there is a growing market need for liquid nitrogen. In restaurants, liquid nitrogen is used to quickly cool cocktails, chill glasses, show food in an attractive way, and other things.
  • As a result, liquid nitrogen is an essential component of the process. Another emerging field that makes extensive use of liquid nitrogen is molecular gastronomy.
  • Liquid nitrogen has been employed in the food production sectors as well as for food preservation.

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  • Transporting and storing the liquid nitrogen that is provided to various end-user industries is one of the key problems in this industry.
  • The knowledge gap on the effects of liquid nitrogen use on its end users might have devastating effects on human health and the environment.
  • Liquid nitrogen shouldn’t be put inside a sealed container since doing so might cause it to explode. The main negative consequences, such as the possibility of asphyxiation, require the makers to exercise caution.
  • There is a chance of severe oxidation of organic materials when the nitrogen evaporates.
  • All safety precautions must be taken when handling this chemical, which has a temperature below -190°C, to prevent burns.


  • Cooling during vaporization can quickly put out a fire, and asphyxiation totally douses it.
  • Giving safety precautions advice together with emergency assistance may provide an edge.
  • The players should be allowed to utilize and sell in a prudent and advised manner. The focus might be more on the sectors that utilize liquid nitrogen in such open or aired areas, which will assure end-user safety and be advantageous for businesses in terms of revenue creation.
  • The usage of liquid nitrogen is advised more in ventilated surroundings. For better durability and fewer mishaps, emphasis must be placed on using the proper and specialized containers to store liquid nitrogen.

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