Malted Food Drinks Market to Witness Major Growth in Near Future

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Updated · May 14, 2023

Malted Food Drinks Market to Witness Major Growth in Near Future

Published Via 11Press : Malted Food Drinks Industry Background: Malted food beverages are gruel that has been powdered and is created from a mixture of wheat flour, malted barley, and evaporated whole milk. There are two varieties of these foods and drinks: diastatic and nondiastatic. Nondiastatic malt, which lacks active enzymes and is mostly used for flavour, is generally utilised in liquids. Contrarily, diastatic malt contains sugar, colouring agents, and other additions in addition to having enzymes that convert starch to sugar. In India, malted food beverages are frequently referred to as fitness drinks. These beverages have been promoted as being healthy by manufacturing companies, and they are widely consumed in India as flavour enhancers to encourage young children to drink milk.

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These beverages are given to young people who are trying to lose weight in order to improve their general health and well-being, strengthen their immune systems, lower their risk of illness, improve their performance in academic and athletic endeavours, and support their bodies natural healing processes while they are ill. The malt beverage industry is anticipated to grow at a strong CAGR over the next 4 to 5 years.

Major market growth factors for malt beverages include a rise in health-conscious customers as well as increased consumer preferences for natural malt beverages. Breweries place a strong emphasis on using malt beverages in their goods. Rising malt beverage costs are anticipated to be a major restraint in the years to come, slowing the current boom in the malt beverage business and the malt beverage market’s future trends.

Also predicted to temper the growth of the malt drinks market is the rise in popularity of malt-based fitness drinks due to their high calcium, vitamin B, and other essential amino acid content, as well as the rising disposable income and expanding fitness focus in developing nations.

Malted Food Drinks Market Report Highlights:

Attributes Details
Study Period 2018-2029
Base Year 2022
Unit Value (USD Million)
Key Companies Profiled GlaxoSmithKline (UK), Zydus Wellness Limited (India), Nestlé S.A.(Switzerland), Cytosport (United States), Abbott Laboratories (United States), Mondelēz International (United States), Associated British Foods (United Kingdom), Danone (France), CTL Foods (United States), Continental Milkose (India)

The rising standard of living is the main factor driving this rise. The rising normal of breathing has caused a shift in consumer behaviour, with people spending more on healthcare, lifestyle and food-related goods and services rather than conserving money. Rapid urbanisation is driving consumption in Tier-II and Tier-III cities, which is predictable to drive growth in the country’s malted beverage industry. Due to India’s consistently expanding per capita income, a spike in consumer purchasing power is anticipated, which would lead to a premiumization of the market for consumer goods.

Malted Food Drinks Market Major Segments:

Breakdown by Type:

  • Health Drink
  • Alcoholic Beverage
  • Energy Drink

By Ingredients:

  • Milk Solids
  • Barley Malt Extract
  • Glucose
  • Cocoa Solids
  • Sugar

By Distribution Channel:

  • Hypermarket/Supermarket
  • Retail Stores
  • Pharmacies

By Nature:

  • Conventional
  • Organic

Major players such as

  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Zydus Wellness Limited
  • Nestlé
  • Cytosport
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Mondelēz International
  • Associated British Foods
  • Danone
  • CTL Foods
  • Continental Milkose


  • Malted drink intake is typical among Malaysian primary school students, particularly among boys, indigenous youngsters, and those who reside in the country’s east coast region.
  • It was formerly noted that users of malted beverages ingested more micronutrients and were more physically active than non-consumers.
  • These results support that malted drinks are micronutrient-rich beverages, which are not likely to promote extra strength consumption, and weight problems risk, at the consumption sample in the population assessed.
  • There was once no established link between malted drink consumption and weight status.

Major Developments Activities in the Market:

  • In 2022, Mondelez International, Inc. announced a deal to purchase Clif Bar & Company, the top producer of wholesome power bars made with natural ingredients in the United States, for $2.9 billion-plus further contingent earn-out consideration.
  • With the purchase of the leading on-trend brands CLIF®, LUNA®, and CLIF Kid®, Mondelez International has increased the size of its global snack bar business to more than $1 billion, which includes its leading complementary refrigerated snacking company Perfect Snacks in the United States and its leading overall performance vitamin company Grenade in the United Kingdom. Additionally, this purchase promotes the business’ strategy for reorganising its portfolio in order to sustain stronger long-term growth.
  • According to the business, Mondelez International, Inc. will launch Oreo Thins Extra Stuf cookies in 2021, offering crunchy chocolate wafers with almost double the crème sandwiched within one-of-a-kind Oreo Thins.

Influencing Trend:

  • More consumers are asking for organic beverages Natural clean vegetables or fruits cultivated without the use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, or insecticides are used to make organic beverages.
  • Ingredients labelled “USDA ORGANIC” or “ORGANIC” are those whose natural constituents makeup at least 95% of their composition, while those labelled “ORGANIC” include only 100 per cent natural constituents.
  • High-pressure processing, nonthermal preservation, and sterilisation processes are used to preserve organic beverages, helping them retain their nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.
  • It also contributes to shelf-life extension.
  • Unlike espresso, which is often served heatedly, organic beverages like juice can be served warm and bloodless.
  • The largest market for organic beverages worldwide is in North America, and it is expected to maintain its dominance during the projected period due to the rise in demand for natural foods and consumers’ shift towards a healthy lifestyle.
  • With countries like Germany, France, and Scotland acting as drivers, Europe is the second-largest market after North America in terms of market volume. The demand for natural drinks in these countries is incredibly high compared to that of other countries in the region.

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 Market Growth Drivers:

  • Increased Quality of Life The rising standard of living has caused a shift in consumer behaviour, with people spending more on lifestyle, healthcare, and food-related goods and services rather than conserving money.
  • Rapid urbanisation is driving consumption in Tier-II and Tier-III cities, which is expected to drive growth in the country’s malted beverage industry.
  • Due to India’s consistently expanding per capita income, a spike in consumer purchasing power is anticipated, which would lead to a premiumization of the market for consumer goods.
  • Growing nutrient awareness among people is predicted to contribute to the growth in demand for malted food drinks, which meet daily nutritional needs.
  • Additionally, as the working population in India has busier schedules, the desire for comfort foods and beverages is quickly expanding. This is feeding the demand for malted foods and beverages. Additionally, the crucial makers of malted meal drinks are placing increasing emphasis on flavour and packaging innovation.
  • Demand for malted beverages is influenced by factors including urbanisation, rising disposable income, changing consumption patterns, and population growth.
  • life in a fast-paced environment, having a high standard of living, and expanding consumer acceptance of malt beverages are further factors supporting the growth of the malt beverage industry.


  • Drinks With Excessive Malt Symptoms Malted drinks, especially those with alcohol content can cause blood pressure to rise.
  • When people drink too much malt liquor, they gain weight, accumulate fat, and have a higher risk of developing heart disease, liver damage, and other conditions.
  • Regular or binge consumers of alcoholic beverages may experience increased blood pressure and other heart problems.
  • “However, it’s important to distinguish between excessive and typical alcohol intake, the latter of which observational research has linked to certain crucial fitness advantages.
  • These include advantages that relate to blood pressure. Additionally, drinking one drink per day for women and one to two drinks per day for males reduces the risks of overall mortality, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, diabetes, and stroke.
  • Drinking is beneficial for a healthy diet and nutritional standards.
  • Studies on malted drinks, one of the most popular beverages among young people in Asia, have, nevertheless, received little attention.


  • Expanding Digital Media, New Business Models, and Internet Connectivity Growing digital media, new business models, and more web access has given numerous companies the chance to market their brands.
  • The businesses are also concentrating on creating great grant chains and alluring institutions and structures for online shopping.
  • The demand for malted food and drink products is expanding across the nation as consumers pay more attention to their fitness.
  • As a result of high levels of consumerism, growing home fashion, and changing lifestyles, consumers in India are becoming more inclined towards healthier food drinks, which has helped the industry grow and had a good effect on the market for malted food drinks.
  • Popular brands of malted food and drink products that are available in the US include Bournvita, Amul Pro, Horlicks, Milo, Boost, Complan etc.
  • Nowadays, makers of malted food beverages provide a variety of brands, one after the other, for adults, for children and the whole family.

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